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  1. I only have a car license, I let my Thai bike license run over the 5 year mark. Damn that theory is a mission
  2. Thanks Jacko. I'm going to post a separate topic about the Thai bike license now I let mine expire like a dumb git
  3. Thanks for your help guys! Lucky you are to be living that side and not this end of the pond
  4. Cheers Jacko. True, so you're paying for the additional days whether earlier or later So I guess the 500 B/day only applies to overstay
  5. They used to have an immigration office at "chaengwattana". Gotta flee China as soon as possible
  6. Jacko, so even if it's extending to come at an earlier date, same story, fly in, go straight to immigration office to pay the extra 1,900?
  7. Ubonjoe, brilliant, you know your stuff, thanks! So they don't 'pro-rata', just 1,900 and that's it? Cheers ..
  8. Thanks RJR, I know I'd have to pay, but my question is how to go about it, if I could simply fly in, pay at immigration or do it elsewhere, just not sure how it's done.
  9. Hi guys, Current flight is 10 June - 9 July If I were to change my flight to an earlier date (2 June), how would I go about paying the extra 8 days over and above the one month? One more question - I booked a one way in then a one way out, so it's not a return ticket. I could just show the one way ticket out at immigration could I? Used to live in Thailand but lost track of policies now that I'm in China! Thanks a ton, Dean
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