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  1. My two-penne'th. Rustins danish oil's always been my go to product for finishing my projects including my beautiful 25 year old Iroko hardwood kitchen worktop which I recently sanded down and re-oiled. Not sure if it's available in LOS but similar should be. Check out this guy's video. Give him a few minutes to warm up. danish oil application A photo of the item would be helpful.
  2. @trevor67 Nope, never used it. I suspect backing it up would be a manual operation.
  3. I now mostly use Outlook email accounts but for so many years have used, and continue to use, my Yahoo email account. I've been meaning to attempt to back-up so many times but every time I start looking into it I get cold feet for some reason. Any views on the best way to achieve this task would be most welcome.
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