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  1. The short hair thing, man. I laughed out loud! Then laughed harder when reading the comments!
  2. Nothing to do with alcohol. Buddha was looking after his flock and protecting them.
  3. The first people I'd check are the Thai folks that were working nearby. I know that sounds terrible, but I'd still check them first.
  4. And how long have some of the "enemy combatants" been in Guantanamo Bay without charge or seeing a lawyer????
  5. Haha....but, alas, I am. There is an invisible barrier twixt teacher and student. Presently I teach adults ut have taught as young as elementary 3, but even then they're usually old enough to be somewhat calm.
  6. I cannot think of a torture too severe for these sub-human scum. And I can think of some pretty gruesome tortures.
  7. Man.....I was a long haul flight attendant for many years. I have tried, just now, to imagine a worse job in the airline business than flying in and out of China exclusively. Can't do it. Can't imagine it at all. In general, Chinese passengers are the worst I ever saw. Japanese were the best.
  8. I've never had kids because I can't stand them. Having some kid running around drives me insane. Eating in a restaurant and having kids run amok while the parents ignore their little princes and princesses drives me insane. And yes, many times I'd love to kick the little rugrats in the butt too. I'd also like to smack the parents around as well. I don't. I do gross out the owner of the establishment, however, and tell them in no uncertain terms they shouldn't allow that behaviour because not everyone thinks it's cute. If nothing happens I leave. Often mouthing off at the parents for being disrespectful to other patrons and telling the owner I'll never be back and I'll let everyone know on social media that the place is a zoo.
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