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  1. Man.....I was a long haul flight attendant for many years. I have tried, just now, to imagine a worse job in the airline business than flying in and out of China exclusively. Can't do it. Can't imagine it at all. In general, Chinese passengers are the worst I ever saw. Japanese were the best.
  2. I've never had kids because I can't stand them. Having some kid running around drives me insane. Eating in a restaurant and having kids run amok while the parents ignore their little princes and princesses drives me insane. And yes, many times I'd love to kick the little rugrats in the butt too. I'd also like to smack the parents around as well. I don't. I do gross out the owner of the establishment, however, and tell them in no uncertain terms they shouldn't allow that behaviour because not everyone thinks it's cute. If nothing happens I leave. Often mouthing off at the parents for being disrespectful to other patrons and telling the owner I'll never be back and I'll let everyone know on social media that the place is a zoo.
  3. " Hundreds of prospective brides and groom..." You're a better man than I Gunga Din.
  4. Doctor: "I've got good news and bad news. Which would you like first?" Patient: "Give me the bad news doc." Doctor: "You've got lung cancer from decades of smoking, 6 months to a year at most. I'm sorry." Patient: "Dang....what's the good news?" Doctor: "Packs of cigarettes are 2 for 1 at the canteen all week!" Seriously though, I've had loved ones be diagnosed with terminal illnesses. They want it straight, not sugar-coated.
  5. For those that mentioned a rudder, there is no rudder on this boat. It has outboard engines. They swivel back and forth and thus turning the boat.
  6. " The Fortuner continued on its way feeling the scene." Can you feel it, man? Can you feel the scene?
  7. What's up? Were they initiating for a fraternity? Why didn't they say <deleted>? This is what happens when you live in a land of sheep.
  8. With the constant movement of the camera showing the guy climbed and jumping, it makes me think that it was not a CCTV camera but held in someone's hand, like a smart phone for example. If that is the case, why did it take so long for someone (looked like a cop) to a approach him?
  9. BM man I remember when I was a young kid and the family was sitting in the living room and my dad got up out of his chair and announced, "Well, I'm going for a BM." I asked if I could come too and he said I could come if I wanted to. I grabbed my coat and followed the old man straight into the toilet while he laughed like hell.
  10. What was wrong with the steering wheel? Why didn't one of the boat guys shut off the fuel supply? How about raising the outboard so it's above the waterline? Or maybe putting the transmission into neutral? There are other ways of slowing down than plowing into an oil tanker!
  11. Not to be confused with Falung Gong, Chinese falangs that magically cross roads on foot by bicycle causing traffic upheaval and chaos. All while chanting sotto voce!
  12. They are not cheating. They are merely helping themselves. Seriously, how could helping be considered a negative? Helping is good, right?
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