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  1. cut the tariffs on Coleman's Mustard & Bisto gravy. after that cut the tariffs on British tea bags & corned beef etc.
  2. I use EPIC browser to watch the rugby world cup on ITV, it has a built in vpn with 1 UK server. I also use it watch tvplayer.com.
  3. my last marriage extension this year in February, Rayong immigration wouldn't accept my bank letter/statement from 3:30 in the afternoon the previous day so had to go to Ban Chang to get another letter which they did for free even though my branch is Ban Phe. immigration is open at 8am and my bank 9:30, it just seems like the last 2 years they are deliberately trying to <deleted> people off.
  4. sorry it is a playlist not a video, let me try again copy the url from the address bar and paste it in your browser address line
  5. had two visits in Rayong, first time application and this year 4th renewal. first visit from a very polite professional guy and the second from an immigration officer who turned up in an official immigration 5 series BMW and was a ........ all the way through the visit trying to trip up my wife up then me. never paid any expenses both times but it does seem like they want to fail you now.
  6. is this any help to you? if you use torch browser you can download all the tracks.
  7. I sympathise with you, we live 800m from a beach in Rayong and a few years ago the resorts would sometimes go on till 4am without turning the volume down. One night/morning we phoned nearly every police number except the emergency number in Ban Phe & Rayong without an answer. Thankfully the army cracked down on the resorts so apart from a few wedding parties etc amongst our neighbors it does shut down at night.
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