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  1. Fair enough, but I carry a US passport and am not a resident of Malaysia. That said, we've already identified the first complication of having a hard and fast "2 visa-exempt" entries per year. If, as has been suggested, software can track and record a visitor's collective length of stay(s) and use that data to determine permission to enter, there would be little need to change or restrict the various visas; my collective stays in Thailand typically don't exceed 45 or so days, so I really don't see an alternative visa regimen that would suit folks like me.
  2. I work in Malaysia and visit Thailand 5-6 times annually, rarely for more than 8-10 days. A visa-exempt is perfect for me. A rule stipulating 2 visa-exempt entries a year would impact me and nearly anybody else living in the region.
  3. Your scooters back then likely had lead acid batteries, which can't be discharged below 50% and last only 2-3 years. Modern scooters use lithium ion batteries which can be discharged nearly 100% and can last years.
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