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  1. I am happy that I never bought property in Thailand, my son got dual citizenship and he can leave whenever he wants, he and his classmates understand what's going on now in Thailand and they are not very happy with the military government.
  2. I did not wait for the other shoe to drop, I now use Malaysia as base due to free visas there for 3 months, better health care, much better traffic and roads, no xenophobic officials to deal with and a much easier place to use as travel hub to other countries. My son is still in school in Thailand and it cost me 300 Ringit, plus that I have to show that I got 200.000 THB (not sure if this is a immigration law or some BS they told me when applying for the visa in Malaysia) in a Thai bank to get a 3 month Non-O visa to visit him. I feel sad for the younger generation of Thais that they are ruled by moronic Kleptocrats, hopefully one day they will kick them out, but I can't see that happen in the soon future.
  3. Parts of the road that was resurfaced only 2 years ago are now starting to fall apart, overloaded trucks, not enough support for the asphalt may be the cause of this. In Malaysia the roads last much longer.
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