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  1. They should open a couple "air"hostess bars, I am willing to spend a couple of thousands on that.
  2. They must be hurting, not many Farangs around to shake down.
  3. This guy is good, he could sell sand to the Arabs or ice to the Eskimo's
  4. Maybe UK should move all their production to Poland? Cheaper labor costs, and all the Poles will go back to their own country, and no more border problems.
  5. Next week is November and normally the start of the high season. This "high" season will be the worst they had since 1975.
  6. I thought their idea of 'Permission for British and Czech sailors to enter the country' was ridiculous, but this one is even stranger. Eagerly waiting for the next silly idea from them.
  7. - This limitation does not apply to hospitalization in an I.C.U. according to the medical necessity. This is what the insurance should include, imo the most important thing for a Corona insurance, will cost a lot if you have to pay out of your own pocket for I.C.U.
  8. Best selling winter destinations for Europeans are the Canary islands, Cyprus and Crete and lots of bookings for the islands in the Caribbean. Australians can't leave their country and if the Chinese can't come the high season will not be very "high".
  9. Probably true. A couple of year ago in Bangkok there was a scandal when chemical residue were found in 2 of 10 samples marked as "organic" in the big supermarkets by the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards.
  10. Bangkok Commercial Asset Management are the Chinese or Thai Chinese?
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