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  1. We have many, many threads in this forum, which is one of its strengths, but sometimes this generates confusion as to which thread one should post. Recently "Cityscapes" was created - essentially Urban Landscapes; this thread is the counterbalance to that, and is intended to make life easier for posters looking outside the towns and cities. The aim of this thread is to gather any photos of rural landscapes be they 'natural', human or an interaction of the two (as indeed, almost all landscapes are). Let's be clear, it is not intended to detract from other threads if posters prefer to post there. For the avoidance of confusion and without tight geogrpahic definitions, 'rural' is going to include everything that isn't 'urban' or 'cityscape'...villages, countryside, physical features, and human activity, outwith the towns and cities. Photos can be in any format one wishes,(colour, monochrome or other pp effect) but they must be taken in Thailand. Please add a location, so that when Rob goes on his travels, he's got a bucket list!! As an afterthought, it might be interesting to post both b&w and colour if at all possible, so that we can encourage sensible discussions of the two approaches. Some of the most dramatic landscape shots I have ever taken (many years ago) were 35mm black and white. Anyway, enough OP yap. Let's get on and enjoy ourselves! What can I use that I haven't posted before??... Life on the edge. Strawberry monoculture around Ban Khop Dong, on Doi Angkang, Fang District, CM Physically and economically precarious existence. 2014/15's weather caused a very poor crop yield. What future for the Lahu people in Ban Khop Dong?
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