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  1. Jesus wept, don't forget English and Thailand. Your grammar is poor. What kind of teacher will you be? More like teach the teacher
  2. Thats fair enough but when reading about hotels I specifically used to look at that count function under the user name to determine if I would bother reading the review. I would never bother to read a review that was on the first post (ie newly registered). Surely trip advisor understand the issue of fake reviews. <deleted>>>??
  3. We have a small business recently opened 4 months ago in Thailand and I recently typed in google the type of business that we have followed by the name of the city. I was surprised to see that one of our competitors has a top ranking link for his fbook site. Ours was no where to be seen. He has a long established business with only a few actual fbook reviews (one of them being quite negative). But I assume he might be paying someone to do SEO? Or does he pay google for ads? Ive put our name on other sites such as trip advisor and lonely planet and even tv.com and our business is thus displayed in links further down the page. But Im interested to know how I can get our fbook url above our competitors thanks
  4. I use trip advisor a lot to choose hotels when traveling around Thailand. They have recently done an upgrade. I can't believe that they have removed the member report count. ie normally when one reads a review written by someone, you can see how many reviews they have done in the past. Obviously when you see a hotel with a lot of 1's you know its the hotel owner likely to be writing it. Some hotels are clearly writing their own reviews as there are so many reviews with just being the first time to use trip advisor. But if I see a count of above 10 or 20 then I generally know its a real review. Now this functionality is completely gone and thus now there is no way of knowing if a positive review is real or not. The integrity of Trip advisor has now gone down substantially IMHO....
  5. ghworker2010

    Power cut in our building when 2 doors of box touched

    Thanks for your reply. What does MEN stand for? I have to somehow translate this to the electrician. thanks
  6. IMG_7084.HEICWe have a small business on the ground floor. Recently renovated and brand new huge electric box installed with safeTcut etc. Today my wife opened 2 of the doors of the box and she said when they touched each other there was a sound and we lost all power to the ground floor. This clearly should not happen??? How dangerous is this? We are asking the guys to come back but would like to have some knowledge on this issue prior thanks IMG_7084.HEIC
  7. ghworker2010

    Dentistry in Rayong or Pattaya Area

    If you can travel a bit further from Rayong to Chanthaburi I would recommend using 'Dr. Air Dental Clinic'. Its modern and clean. The assistant told me that they change the 'burr' (maybe incorrect spelling) for each customer. I think its the thingy that covers the suctions and other tubes that the dr uses on all patients. She said most clinics just wipe them clean because its cheaper. But Dr Air dental clinic uses a new burr on each customer.
  8. In the past I've had to get regular chest X-rays as part of the yearly WP process in Thailand. Soon Im going for a routine package check up and on the list is a chest X-ray. Does anyone know if this radiation is harmful to the body? thanks
  9. ghworker2010

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    are you sure its not bc your eating fatty food? Test eating a whole lot of cooked pork fat without drinking any water. If you get upper body pain then you have the same issue as me. check your gall bladder
  10. A few days ago I logged onto my MacBook pro and a message was displayed along the lines that the next software update would not support my Excel and word etc. It was something in relation to the migration to 64 bit technology and how it affects 32 bit applications. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208436 If I do the update and then buy a new excel / word app.... will I be able to then open old excel spreadsheets? Its a royal pain in the ass if I can do this. thanks
  11. We moved from one province to another. Subsequently I had to go through the 'process' of changing the address on the registration book of my bike and getting new plates. I think Ive had to visit (return to) the DLT at least 8 times in 1 month. The workers there are the most stupid people I have ever come across. Their modus operandi / procedures are so illogical. Back home it would take 1 or maybe 2 visits to get the job done. But this is amazing thailand. An example is yesterday... I took the form to one desk (again) and paid money (again). Then the officer said come back after 2pm. So I do that and then another officer (maybe manager) said I need to bring extra docs. Why didn't the officer tell me 6 visits ago about this. ie tell me ALL the docs that are required. Its a joke No wonder the average thai driver is shockingly bad. With the DLT in charge Im not surprised at all.