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  1. We had a visit by a few motley looking characters who had a name tag from the govt amphur. They were saying we might have a 8000 baht bill for sign tax coming due soon. He said if thai language is above english language then its x price etc etc. Is there a website that shows the exact calculation? Is it the same for every province in thailand. I presume there's no way out of paying it? thanks
  2. Thanks again for your comment. Ive done a lot more investigating into all this and might form a company this year. I read on a thai website: Withholding Tax Returns Certain incomes paid to the company are subject to withholding tax at source. The type of incomes and the tax status of the recipient define the withholding tax rates. Companies collecting withholding tax should file returns and submit revenues collected within the permitted time period. Value Added Tax Returns All companies requiring foreign national work permits and companies with an annual turnover exceeding 1.8 million baht, need to register for value added tax and file monthly returns. VAT registered companies must file returns to the tax office within the permitted time period after each months business activities. Note certain businesses that are excluded from VAT may be subject to specific business tax. __________________ I think our accountant mentioned last year that if we do the company formation we would have to register for VAT. IMHO its not so good for our business if we are charging our customers VAT on top of the price. We know that our competitors don't charge VAT. It will price our business out of the market. This is a major deterrent for proceeding with a company in my opinion. Would you agree the only way around it is to form the company in the wifes name and then I dont proceed with a WP. I dont really work in our business anyways as I can't speak thai. Thanks for your opinion on this
  3. Thanks for the info. Your reply this time was more helpful and less contentious. When it comes to things like taxation I think its a case of 'each to their own'. Some people will form companies and pay heaps of taxes and fees at KPMG- similar to living in a nanny state (western country). But this is Thailand of course.... ALL of my wifes friends in the same profession don't have companies. They all do it via their personal name and pay what's necessary using savvy local accountants. Its a strong word for a farang to call a thai accountant crooked when in fact they have lived here longer that you and know the thai way better than you. In our situation we intend to pay our taxes and declare all income. But it will not be in the realm of what we would be paying if we had formed a company. In years to come this country will catch up and its tax dept will be strict. This is when we will form a company IMHO many thanks
  4. does anyone know if this is worth paying for? No one really answered the question if 45PSI is safe with the heavy load in the back
  5. Name and shame on trip advisor. Google complaint hospital bumrungrad trip advisor. you will see examples!
  6. I raised this thread and learnt a lot from some of the esteemed members of this forum: I subsequently put 8 sand bags in the back of my pickup and then visited the tire shop where I originally purchased the cheap low quality chinese tires. I told them that last week in the rain I proceeded to overtake at normal speed and my pickup slid (lost control) for a few seconds. Also mentioned that driving fast over pot holes the car is not handling well- feels like its bouncing around a bit / losing control. They swapped the rear tires and put in the front/ rear in the back. After this I showed them the extra weight in the back and he said that he should top up 45 in the rear tires and 35 in the front. Is this correct? One of them looked under the back of the truck and suggested I pay 3200 for the gadget in the photo. What is this for? Is it worth the money? thanks again IMG_1610.HEIC IMG_2795.HEIC
  7. Care to elaborate or is this bar stool talk 'Every info she gave you is hilariously incorrect'
  8. by simply declaring all income via her personal tax return- instead of forming a company. One only has to form a company if earnings exceed 2million
  9. 3rd quarter last year we started our business. Back then the accountant told us not to form a company as its more cost effective to just pay tax via her personal name. She said we can always go down the company route if our earnings exceed 2m baht I think. We discussed our turnover / income with her and she also asked for Jan and Feb this yr. Back at home now Im wondering why she wants info for jan/ feb this year. I thought the tax year was Jan 1st to end of dec. Am I missing something here? She said that we had to pay tax 2 times a year. Is this correct? Do we let her pay the liability to the office or pay it ourselves. We heard from friends in another province, with the similar business to ours, who paid the tax liability to the accountant but this was not actually sent to the tax office. It was very screwed up. Also, Ive heard that the deadline is to get the return in by the end of March. If we leave it to near the end of march when every tom, dick and harry is doing the same will it allow our return to get approved easier? ie they will be so busy..... Finally, she asked if we had payments from a visa machine. She said we should get rid of it. If we exceed 400 transactions (payments) then it apparently triggers some tax issue. I now understand why some business charge 5%. Its to deter customers from using the thing. Cash is king if you get my drift. thanks
  10. we are not charged 1500B a month at all. Never heard of this before. we just charge the customer 2% fee. Our competitor close by charges 3%
  11. I find it annoying that the Advice computer store plays loud music all day using a large speaker situated near their front door. I know many shops nearby that also don't like it. I was in a shop across the road and could hear their music. Obviously I will boycott this establishment and ask you to do so as well.
  12. You mention how good bridgestone tires are. Are they made in Thailand? Is that the best option?
  13. Its absolutely unreliable outside of big cities. Try driving around Isan with GM and you will be taken on a long way round. Carry paper maps to prove how shit GMaps is. If you look at the paper map which indicates you should go right... several times Gmaps says go left. Completely useless outside of big cities. UNLESS you want the LONG route
  14. So do you agree that it would be beneficial for me to put numerous heavy sand bags in the back of my truck? I just looked at the price of Recaro seats on eBay. Over $2k for bucket seats. Not cheap
  15. I have an isuzu truck around 3 yrs old. Negative issues: - Sore back and bum on long trips - Driving over bitumen roads with potholes/ uneven surfaces, at moderate speed, results in the truck being unstable. It feels like the car is sliding a bit out of control for a few seconds. - Last week I was driving in heavy rain on a road in our city and proceeded to overtake at a slow speed. My truck slid for 1 to 2 seconds out of control which scared the shit out of me. A year ago the same thing happened on a gravel road but I was going a bit faster. My 4 tires are only 1 yr old - chinese brand. Im assuming they are ok. Im thinking of putting several large heavy sand bags in the back of the truck to see if that helps. Recently I drove the father in laws new toyota sedan. I felt it was a safer and more comfortable drive at all speeds. Does anyone else have these issues?
  16. Both cubicles at my home didn't have toilet paper. I had to resort to using the bum gun for the first time. It didn't feel right to me and I can only say that it is a most uncivilized cleaning method. I felt low class at the end of the procedure and water was dripping everywhere. I had to take a shower. Have you ever used one before Im off to 7 eleven to buy some TP
  17. A few days ago I logged onto my MacBook pro and a message was displayed along the lines that the next software update would not support my Excel and word etc. It was something in relation to the migration to 64 bit technology and how it affects 32 bit applications. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208436 If I do the update and then buy a new excel / word app.... will I be able to then open old excel spreadsheets? Its a royal pain in the ass if I can do this. thanks
  18. Best to watch this video to fully understand. When the market picks up EOS is going to pop.
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