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  1. Plutaluang Navy Golf Course in Sattahip temporarily closed due to Covid-19 The Plutaluang Navy Golf Course located in Sattahip will be temporarily closed for several days for cleaning and Covid-19 precautionary measures, according to the management of the golf course and resort. Lt. Col. Katanyu Sritangnan, manager of the Plutaluang Navy Golf Course, made the announcement yesterday evening and informed The Pattaya News. The popular golf course will be closed to the public from April 16th to April 20th for various precautionary Covid-19 cleaning measur
  2. Both Chonburi and Rayong have been declared "red Zones" however I have seen nothing about golf courses having to close yet.
  3. Several argumentative posts and replies have been removed. Also some posts which contained direct links to pirated material on file sharing sites. From the Forum Rules: 3) You will not post about activities or links to websites containing such material that are illegal in Thailand. This includes but is not limited to: gambling, betting, pornography, illegal drugs, fake goods/clothing, file sharing of pirated material, pyramid schemes, etc. Discussion of the above is permitted only as news items, but never as a "how to" topic.
  4. Have you tried changing the batteries in your remote control?
  5. OK enough of the personal comments and petty bickering. Back on topic please. /Edit: More baiting and bickering off-topic posts have been removed. Continue, and holidays will be awarded.
  6. You guys realise that you are replying to an 11 year old topic? I think that technology has moved on considerably in the last decade particularly in the area of mobile devices and apps. If you have any more questions I suggest that you start a new topic in the appropriate forum. /Closed.
  7. Now that Kodi Version 19 has been released, it is important to note that Kodi 19 is built on Python 3 so most of the builds and addons that are available will no longer work. The Diggz Xenon build has been upgraded and is now compatible with Kodi 19. Diggz Xenon is one of the most popular Kodi Builds available, as it’s full of content, categories, and has a user-friendly interface. The installation repo can be obtained here.
  8. Now that Kodi Version 19 has been released, it is time to un-pin this topic. Kodi 19 is built on Python 3 so most of the information in this topic is obsolete now. The key features of Kodi 19 wrt Addons are: 1. Addons MUST be built in Python 3 now, and 2. Kodi will now enforce the origin of installed addons and their dependencies. This has been implemented to prevent third party repositories from overwriting code of unrelated add-ons, which was the cause of numerous error reports in the past.
  9. A couple of baiting troll posts have been removed.
  10. Just released on BluRay/DVD is a five-part documentary series focusing on wildlife and environmental issues confronting all people on the planet today narrated by Sir David Attenborough. A Perfect Planet https://www.imdb.com/video/vi4117283097?playlistId=tt10219322&ref_=tt_ov_vi
  11. That probably has something to do with the soundtrack on the media file being different to the speaker setup you have at home. For example, an mkv media file with a DD+ soundtrack (Dolby Digital Plus 5:1 Surround Sound) is not going to sound "right" if you only have a stereo speaker setup. You would probably get a better sound if you had an AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) soundtrack instead. Always check the soundtrack associated with the media cabinet file you wish to download before you start. For example:
  12. Several argumentative and off-topic posts and replies have been removed.
  13. Kodi® for Dummies Disclaimer Neither I nor ThaiVisa has any affiliation with KODI or XMBC. Due to the nature of our content, we are not responsible for the content streamed to your device and neither do we condone piracy, so you must satisfy yourself that either you or the sites accessed for streaming have the copyright agreements in place and are entitled to access this content. This site is intended for information purposes only. We only provide links to third party content. We are a reporting site that provides information which is freel
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