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  1. Draconian? No one check anywhere if the name and telephone number is right. An exemple I went to True's ofice a few days ago because my wifi was not working. A (very) young Thai woman said OK put your name an telephone here, convinced it was for the wifi, at the time I did not know it was for every one for covid 19, so thinking it was for the wifi and the wifi subscription being in the name of my owner in good faith I put the name and telephone of my Thai owner on the paper
  2. Tesco Lotus in Samui is dong it too, the shop DIY inside also, Home pro in Samui is doing it, I went to pay my electric bill, outside on a table was the same paper with columns for name, telephone number arrival and departure time, but no one paid any attention to it.
  3. In all areas you need champions. nobody ever said that all these people do not lie regularly, but with Trump, it is pathological all the difference is there! He almost lie many times a day. I understand that you do not like it too much that we say that, but this man is anything but someone one respectable for most of his behaviour, I am not a US citizen but it is on the human level that Trump bothers me, so the conservatives must stop classifying all the critics of Trump as coming politically from the democrats
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