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  1. You speak as someone intelligent, reasonable, who thinks before acting. No aggressiveness in your remarks, however 62 emoticons that disapprove you, it says a lot about openness
  2. Only advice: stay away from the mozzies, wherever you are Where I live in Samui its IMPOSSIBLE I am bit by moskitoes let's say 10 times every single day 365 days a year... My motor bike is parked under my house, taking it to start is a matter of... probably less than 30 seconds, if I do not have long pants and long sleeves I pick up 2/3 bites It is completely wild on several Rai behind my house, does it come from there? At the end of the day when the sun falls going in the garden is impossible without being surrounded in a few seconds. On my terrace if I put two anti-mosquitoes that smoke it's a lot better, on the same terrace I also put a really powerful ventilator in the radius of which they can hardly fly. When I want to stay in the garden I put what I call my "sua gan young" canvas trousers a long-sleeved shirt and rubber boots, on the hands and face spray antimoustics, forget it is impossible!
  3. The smile, the sparkling eyes, the kindness, the ability to listen, which is not so common but says a lot. And rarer in what men are looking for, a spiritual life. Boobs, for example, is the least of my worries. I only had a relationship with one woman in Thailand and it's love on both sides. And as cats do not make dogs all his family is great and never ask me a penny in seven years. Except at the beginning, I had loaned 20 000 B to her daughter whom she gave back, now she earns more than my retirement and has just bought her car all alone with her husband without any outside help. His brother his sister his parents his daughter his grandchildren adopted me. I must say that as I joke all the time but all his family also we are the best friends in the world ... It never happened with my three women in my country where the three were super cute girls because my only choice criterion was physical ...but they had rotten families, however, as said above the cats do not make dogs and I was wrong three times. So for me, at last, here I won the lottery.
  4. Me lately I wrote it also wit ว but like that เทว seems not bad too Thanks for answering
  5. Hello every one, Someone asked how to write the French name Théo in thai. Not hearing the h, the é is short, the o is short. someone proposed: เทโอ me I proposed เทะหโอ am I wrong? Thank for your answers.
  6. In 24 hours please! It would have been a perfect example for the general in the movie But as anyway he did not really answer the questions it would not have changed anything.
  7. It is not a drama at all, but personnaly I do not know how to do it! I downloaded the TM 30, it seems I cannot fills it myself, I am only a tenant, my Thai owner is now far away, I see her once a year when I pay for the coming year. I will go on Monday to Samui immigration trying to find the explanation I did not find on TV.
  8. Sorry if after all those pages I still do not understand everything. I rent my place in Samui I thought the TM30, I mean when back home after a few days, had to be filled by the owner, not by me, how could "I" give it within 24 hours to the immigration? My owner is an old Thai lady, she own five house in Samui, I'm in the same house for seven years, so we know each other well and have a good relationship. She do not live in Samui anymore but in Surat Thani. Now when I will be back home I will have to give her a phone call to tell her I'm back? It seems ridiculous.
  9. Retry with "Thai police" you will find it for sure I checked seconds before this reply.
  10. ...but I downloaded the immigration's App minutes ago and registered easily. "We've sent you an email to activate your account" One hour later, still nothing, so I cannot activate my account! or ?
  11. That is a problem with the Appstore(s) sometimes, I have had this answer for the Shopee App here in Thailand, my country's Appstore being France. ...but I dowloaded the immigration's App minutes ago and registered easily. Maybe you could try with simply "Thailand immigration" at least it is what I have done!
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