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  1. 555 it's your private forum? It's the first time in years I see such answer, by the way like it or not I was answering to your post, politely it seems to me, for everyone to read it not only you!
  2. There is a difference between Thai bashing which is the criticism of Thais in general and the the criticism of THIS GOVERNMENT elected in part with senators themselves appointed by this same government and it's no secret that the choice of its members was dictated more by favoritism and political friendships than by competence. So this has nothing to do with « Thai bashing » that by the way I fight personally. I am sorry if you do not see this enormous nuance.
  3. !26bhaht being 3.5 Euros it should make a good story in most Western newspaper, I completely agree to respect the laws as best as possible. But a minimum of common sense must also exist in their application, and I think that 126 baht missing out of 800,000 deserved at most a warning, but not a refusal.
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