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My little "floating house" where I lived alone but happily eight years full time before coming to Samui, I took those pictures for selling the boat, that's why she is empty and looks so clean. I bought this boat just after my divorce thinking should I live again full time with a "she" then "she" will be a boat, not a woman. I was also a volunteer at the SNSM since The rescue boat was moored at 200 meters from my own boat so even in the middle of the night I could be in the first to get there ready to go. As far as this Buddha is concerned it follows me everywhere for the last twenty-five years, spending eight years with me on the boat and today is still with me in Thailand. People buy Buddha's statues in Asia to bring them back to their countries, I did the contrary brought my own to Thailand from my country :biggrin:

And whatever some members who hate all religions say I discovered Buddhism 25 years ago and it helped me a lot to find peace in my personal life :402:


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