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  1. You added as number 12 Surathani that was already in the first list as number 9 but then you could add Narathiwat airport with flights to Jedda and Medina for the Hajj period and ( so you stay at 18) But also add Mae Sot airport whose flight to Yangon stopped last year but IS still classified as an International airport
  2. From my youngest age to this day I have never understood how a human could kill another human whatever the reason. Seeing what's happening everywhere every day I must not be completely normal, or maybe unadapted to this world!
  3. No offence, but Coca Cola, one of the most powerful companies in the world, employs thousands of Thais all over the country from north to south! Selling millions billions of ฿ of beverages in almost every shops in the country... and you take that as a comparison with an old retired couple who created a small phoney company, which has no commercial activity at all just to circumvent the law on foreigners owning land, I admit that finding a worse example would be difficult impossible
  4. I was born in London in 1944 with a French parachutist father, murdered by the militiamen a little before my birth, and a French mother too. So I have two passports and although more French by culture, the UK has always been, in my dreams, the country I admired the most in the world. Its culture its customs even its inhabitants, lol, it seemed to me that no country in the world did look like it and especially did not have the high class of the kingdom. And today it's hard to say how sad I am about everything that happens there.
  5. I buy a lot of supplements, now only at Vitacost.com, so everything is coming from the US, by experience, not far height years, I pay attention for the parcel to stay under one kilo, till now it's working, the shipping cost is 9,9$ so no problem to do it regularly. The parcesl arrived at the Thai post office, so no problem with the Thai customs. But if supplements come from anywhere, I mean any country, with DHL, FEDEX, UPS, a problem with the customs is almost guaranty, by problem I mean needing to fetch your parcel at the customs office, pay some tax, but sometimes not too much, and in my case at least never confiscated. PS: When I say a lot it's a lot, I have a fridge dedicated only to my supplements vitamins and so on LOL
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