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  1. Would seem there is an endless queue of people happy to make silly comments, kind of shows getting your mug in the media is more important than being regarded as an idiot.
  2. Hmm, depends what your goal is, trying to limit the viral spread to ease pressure on hospitals or trying to eradicate it. The first is what the federal government claimed they were doing, and there never was any serious strain on hospitals. The second is what state governments are trying to do without any plan or reason. We have idiots running things, and when the economy is completely destroyed and covid burned out naturally they'll even have the gall to take credit for "saving" us all. We are a country of sheep being conned by the media to march off a cliff, enjoy the drop...
  3. I dislike all vaccines, but I would rather have a Russian one than one from the thieving sociopaths at Big Pharma. Ever wonder why its illegal to sue them for vaccine side effects? The Russians at least still steer their best and brightest into scientific fields.
  4. It beats me why so many doctors are ignorant about pandemic responses. Its quite straight forward where there is no vaccine. 1. If you do nothing the virus will run, its over quicker but hospitals could get overworked. 2. Or, you do lock down, distancing, masks etc, which reduces the pressure on hospitals but actually causes Wave 2 and Wave 3. Why? Because there are still hosts for the virus to infect, hence the extra waves. Case 1 there is no one to infect, hence its over.
  5. Hmm, best thing is to have a committee investigate (well paid of course), that should take about 12 months. Then when the committees findings are inconclusive, test the public's reaction at the time. If they are bored with the whole process let it die, if not then form another committee to reevaluate the inconclusive findings of the first committee and then find that the findings were in fact inconclusive. It should be well out of the public's interest by then. If not then form a special parliamentary committee to go through the whole process again to reaffirm the inconclusiveness. By that time most of us should be dead and buried.
  6. Like the script from a bad B grade Banana Republic movie...
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