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    We can all chose to believe what we want to believe. Lets take a simplistic example for comparison. We have the good looking guy born into wealth and privilege and lives that life to fullest, then the crippled beggar who suffers every day of his life. The Abrahamic religions will tell us its Gods Will, that's it. Karma says that life is about reward and punishment for things that have occurred in previous lives (although sometimes a miserable life is chosen for reason of learning). It is a system of justice, you earn what you get. Because you can't see UV radiation doesn't mean you aren't being burnt.
  2. Most religions have their exoteric versions for the common man and their esoteric versions for their initiates, and there are reasons for it. Often things are said said using analogies so that two people at different levels will see a different meaning. Thailand has its own version of Buddhism and as most know it also involves animism and other modifications. It is indeed ironic watching those praying at temples for material acquisition, something completely contrary to Buddhism. Even in Tibet there are many sects and views, in fact sexual tantras are often practiced, and endorsed by surprising people, hardly something most would associate with pure Buddhism. The ideas behind Buddhism have been around for a long time, even before Gautama Buddha. Regardless, Thais at least are closer to the truth than those that practice many other religions. Nirvana of course is not an easy path, however each positive step we take in any life moves us closer to that ideal. Nirvana is not necessarily the end end of the journey, some do choose to renounce it for later.
  3. Hmm, the Oz government really pushed to get this resolved. And yet with Julian Assange, another actual Aussie citizen, they are happy to hang him out to rot, the PM even laughed about it. Leaving the politics of it all aside, they are very selective in who they help, if it was a no one like most of us, what do you reckon the response would be? Crickets chirping?
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