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  1. People seem to have the opinion.... That if you want, or try, or use... You are a Pot Head! These are the people we do not need Posting or Making Comment here... They absolutely have no clue to what level everyone else is at... ":And Why!!" I am sorry about the situation your Sister in Law is in, Believe me. Also for your pain... I was 3 yrs old and Mom was at home, they thought she had T.B. and put her in a Body Cast. When a growth appeared on her neck they opened it up to her breasts it had spread... Thyroid Cancer. Dr. showed me how to help her take Morphine shots if she needed.... Could have been a big help back then!
  2. I still have maybe 1/2 pound of Seed stock that was sealed Frozen for over 53 years now. Maybe 1/2 to 3/4's of this might start. Maybe my Wife can start a High End Treatment Center including Temple Visit's and for those who cannot travel personal Visits from the Monks. End result SSA might include this Treatment with enough Doctor/Hospital Referrals. Save Governments and Insurance Companies Billions!!
  3. I f you had Cancer... Given the Negative Level some people have chosen to dwell in... If option was there which would you choose - Chemo or Ganja and alternative lifestyle??? Be careful you are choosing between a present painful Treatment that also affects your Family or Ganja, a livable level for all concerned, a peaceful level allowing the mind and body to rule here... Your choice...
  4. People are missing my point! Big Time!! Think about it... Doctors... Hospitals sending Patients here for Treatments... Who benefits here? If they cannot travel bring this total environment to them. Yes you will also get the low end of this spectrum also.... Alcohol you got alcoholics Etc... Get the picture? Not everything is as Negative as the World some people have chosen to live in..... For once Somebody at all levels (walks) of Life can Benefit... From our Culture here to Immigration/Visa's Medical Industry all on a World wide scale!
  5. Thai Sticks... Lost memorbilia from the 60's... There Thailand had a Cash Crop. Produce this again in Medical form and Thailand will be a World Leader in extremely High End Cancer Treatment... Forget the jacked medical costs... Compete Head to Head with Big Pharma and Win. You developed a proven remedy for extinguishing pain here and raising Patients to a level so the body can effectively work with other Treatments. Thus eradication of this terrible Illness and many others. You "Will" become a Winner on many levels... Environment to enable to relax in comfortably, Expanded use of Meditation. Promoting both Private and Temple Cultures... Think about it! At the right level Everyone would become a Winner! Not just the Government... -Everyone" thus here is one BIG answer to Boost Thailand's Economy... Just don't get Greedy and <deleted> everything up!!! Amen!
  6. OK... Another reason to use a VPN! Then they see nothing just a data (hex decimal cmbinations of 1's and 0's)stream (encrypted data) cannot be opened period all they see is a VPN (WHERE YOU MOVED YOURS TO) not who or what your viewing! They try but cannot open! Another thing get a WiFi extender (also called a Repeater) and use that in hotels, coffeeshops etc. connect that to WiFi and you to it with the supplied cable... Then you to extender! They don't even see you...
  7. No I am not! I have Family members who were extremely <deleted> because I had to be recessitated (I know I spelt it wrong!) As the Emergency Ambulance drove me and my wife to 5 different Hospitals (my heart had stopped) Finally my Brotherinlaw who is a Retired Medical (Dr.) And Provencial Medical Official had to call Dean at CM University and get him to step in... The Truama they put my wife thru totally unacceptable!! Put do they care??
  8. Most of us had to pay before being treated! Or had to submit letter from Bank(s) we had the funds before even being admitted! Treatment by Human Rights Rules??? Don't think so. ( have Documentation to prove may comments!)
  9. Total Lie! I went through being admitted for emergency Surgery but before they would even admit me my wife had to prove we had the funds to pay!! I was in a coma and she had to get proof from Banks before they would even admit me... I went through 3 more Surgeries and the same attitude was applied! I had to pay a estimated amount of what was proposed to be done. So far I have paid over 600,000 for each time. Up front... Before I was even touched! So saying they are loosing money on Retiree's here in Thailand... Is Bull <deleted>! Maybe it was my beard? They may thought I was Homeless? I have over 3 Million in various Accounts here in LOS! Biometrics if working should have told them more about me. Maybe I need to have some one apologize to me? For their careless treatment causing me Loss of Face?? I want to see them rebuttal this as I have stacks of folders with receipts for required Hospital Treatment!! Again to Blame the Expat Community here for loss of Revenue in their Medical System... ?? B.S.!!!
  10. Really??? Who is the Government Individual here proposing this Idea???
  11. What?? We cannot teach other faucets of the Government how to use correctly... What makes them think Bank Employees are any different?? I for one do not want my bio's open to the Public and this is what they are trying to enforce. Are they going to ensure that all users of this system have a High Security Level and are Bonded? This is trying to make Theft an undisclosed feature. Too many Bank Employees have been caught with their hands in Customers Tills (Accounts) I wonder how many 800,000b accounts are going to get knocked? Immigration say... After doing a independent survey of your retirement account... Seems the correct funds are not on Deposit?? (Even when your bankbook shows no withdrawals...) Your Visa Extension is denied! This is an excellent way to get retiree's to leave Thailand... Not requiring Passports and in person attendance... As required of all Thai Banks as a requirement from the United States Social Security System, to enable Banks to accept these fund deposits... Cutting their own throat here on this one I am afraid....
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