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  1. Just been to renew my retirement visa at Sing Buri and informed that from the end of this month (July), anyone in the Chai Nat catchment area are to use the new office in Chai Nat. Googling "Chai Nat Immigration" shows the office situated just behind the county offices (Big building with large blue roof - anyone familiar with the town will know where I am referring to). On a personal note, whilst Chai Nat is almost on my doorstep and will be so convenient to use, the personnel, first at Lop Buri and later, Sing Buri, have always been efficient, well mannered and friendly! They helped me through my first visa application and became like friends, chatty and just good people. It is therefore almost bitter sweet that we now have a new office which is so much closer to home, but I will genuinely miss them. Actually, whilst in the office, some others who will also be affected by the change asked if they could continue to use Sing Buri - sadly not!
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