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  1. Although I have not returned, yet. It is looking promising. Costs to date have been negligeable. My wife in Thailand has assisted with negotiating with one of the ASQ hotels and getting updates. From my end getting copies of the required documents was easy. Purchased a monthly Health Insurance plan that covers Covid19. Good to have coverage anyways. Covid19 tests and fit to fly are relatively easy to coordinate in Canada. And to date have been covered under my health plan. The biggest issue has been flights. I booked flights with China Airlines knowing they would be cancelled. These i provided with my original application. They have since been cancelled and I have already been provided a refund from the airline. Since then i have applied for a sponsored flight which has been coordinated by the local Thai Consulate. Have booked a future dated flight which the consulate then changes travel date in coordination with the airline. The catch is it is a Thai repatriation flight and there is the possibility all seats could be filled by Thai Nationals. Will find out Monday. On the plus side my flights were cheaper than my wife and daughters tickets we bought for her to go back in June. The real only additional costs will be the ASQ hotel for two weeks in Bangkok. It has been mildly stressful but not a huge hardship in getting done, so far. May still not get on the flight. But the way things are going here in Canada...it is a toss up which country will be better to be in, in the next 6 months to a year. Unemployment is running high here. Outbreaks keep happening. Some people are not taking it as serious as they should. This winter will be difficult. Borders will remain closed till at least the end of the year, so looking bleak here.
  2. In my letter I told them the need to look after my children. A 7 & 17 year old. The need to look after the family farm. To assist my wife in looking after them. Mentioned her parents have both passed away so limited in assistance for looking after children when she is at work. Indicated that if it was not possible to get back to Thailand and help raise the children I would have no other option but to return them back to Canada. All true. Received my COE on Friday.
  3. Cigna Health Insurance offers several policies that specifically mention Covid19 coverage and can be paid monthly. The policy has the option to cancel with a 7 day advance notice on each months payment. If one chooses to do so.
  4. Things may be happening....just received my COE from the Thai Consulate. Just waiting on confirmation of flights booked by said consulate. Things are looking up.
  5. On the flights, if it is the same process as the wife, the consulates provided us with a specific airline and flight numbers. We then booked a flight in the future a month or so out, and the consulate worked with the airline to reissue ticket with the new dates. Prices were very reasonable. Less than $800 cad. From Canada I do believe the only option to return is to request space on the scheduled repatriation flights the consulates arrange. Other airlines are flying but they need to request permission to carry passangers.
  6. Canada Consulate just informed me today that they received my application and it has been forwarded to the appropriate personnel in Thailand. She indicated a reply should come by Friday the 10th or Monday the 13th. However the issue for me is finding a flight. I had booked China Airlines via Taipei but those flights were cancelled and i am being refunded. It appears the only option is getting on a Thai Government sponsored repatriation flight. I was told this would be possible if there were seats available. Thai Nationals would have first chance at any seats. Anything left over i could book. No idea of price. I noticed LH flights via FRA from Toronto but again not sure if they will be cancelled. There are flights happening but it appears they need to be given permission to carry passengers. Air Canada, JL, Korean, Eva, dont have any confirmed connections via their hubs in Asia to Bangkok. from Canada anyways. Only ANA which is the airline carrying the Thais from Vancouver and Toronto. These are set for July 21, 23, and 28. Not very hopeful at this moment. It took forever to get thru to the Consulate and very little information was given. I do believe they have little information to go on and are taking it day by day.
  7. My wife and daughter only needed the fit to fly. They did not ask for the covid19 test.
  8. Fit To Fly is a pretty standard document. Written by your family Dt. Or most walkin clinics. All it states is you appear to be physically fit to travel. All mine did was ask if i had any reason to believe i was unfit to fly, took my temperature and blood pressure. 5 minutes in and out.
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