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  1. Interesting. Was just in Chiang khan, Thursday & Friday. The place was packed. During the week not so much. Have been several times this past 6 months and noticed many of the popular hotels etc, renovating, adding parking, painting, and other upgrades. Around us in Nong Khai, not so much. Although there seems to ve some excitement around the rail station and the China/Laos link. People are hurting around us. Many not working (not that many did before as most are lazy), but those wanting to work are finding it difficult. Another major shut down i
  2. For sure, agree. People were jammed shoulder to shoulder approx 10-12 across the street. For nearly two hours. Both Nights. I have been many times and weekends are usually the same. Last time i was there was in August but was a Wednesday night and nearly everyone was wearing masks and had no problem keeping at least 6 feet apart. This past weekend people literally shoulder to shoulder pressed up to the backs of the person in front. Think of an elevator with 12 people in it. Less than 25% wearing masks. So yes being outdoors helps but in the environment this past weeken
  3. Bit off topic...was just in Chiang Khan near Loei. They gave a walking street night market. Both Thursday and Friday night the street was packed. At times it was difficult to move. 1,000 plus people for sure. People come from all over Thailand on tour buses. Surprisingly most not wearing masks. Suspect IF covid gets hold in Thailand it will be a result of an event like this. Just a note this night market takes place 7 days a week.
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