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  1. Nobody here will be able to tell you, the only ones who can tell you 100% for certain is the IO where you will do your extension.
  2. Here is an example of recourse for a bad medical treatment in Thailand. How would you feel about getting 240,000 baht for this? Apologies if I ruin anyones dinner/breakfast.
  3. Yeah screw that, knock me out thanks!
  4. You are asking the wrong people. There is one thread quoting an IO that states Pensions only. There is another thread quoting a (different) IO that any income is fine. Ask your IO.
  5. Since you have been scant on details I assume you are wanting the "straight dope" on the income method? Surely by now after so many topics you must know that nobody can give you a clear answer because nobody truly knows. You have until October, just start transferring as much "income" as you can each month (40k for marriage) making sure it shows as a foreign xfer. Over the next 2-3 months I'm pretty confident things will become more clear. At the moment confusion reigns so no point getting worked up about it yet.
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