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  1. Thanks to this forum,a mistake that will not be made at the FLR stage.
  2. Update. Having corrected the deficiencies in the financial paperwork, my friends second application was successful.
  3. This was the response I received from the Home Office to my proposal to do it that way:- The Home Office advise that for security purposes a passport must not be taken over a border without the holder in possession.If you post your passport to a residential address in another country it potentially could be retained by the Border Agency and cancelled, This could influence that actual granting of a UK Passport as there is no absolute entitlement.The package you use could also be damaged during the delivery process and be compromised or end up in the possession of a 3rd party
  4. Thanks - and yes, there is more substance to that report. Slight semantics on my part as I maintained that embassies can do nothing to arrange a vaccination programme for their overseas citizens...... that is the role of the host government (who are the only body that can procure vaccines). What the Chinese did (and what the French appear to be doing) is to donate vaccines for use by it's registered citizens. The practicality of how that will work intrigues me. Could the British government do the same? I guess there is no reason, in theory at
  5. So, the Thai government............not the French? You have something better than a Khaosod tweet?
  6. What help? Are they opening vaccination centres for French only ? Sounds like similar wording to the Chinese help .................................... they donated 1m doses with registered Chinese citizens being able to queue jump.
  7. You do understand, or perhaps you don’t, that there is an AZ production facility in Thailand? You do understand, or perhaps you don’t, that the Thai government has ordered 63m doses? Anyway, 1.2m doses administered in the first 3 days of the ‘official’ rollout isn’t too bad ..
  8. Change your reading sources and do your own research... Start with PR THAI GOVERNMENT
  9. Are you sure that she was not a hooker from soi 6................................. her 'advice' is at odds with the international medical fraternity.
  10. Buy some more.... It is not rocket-science................... the need for 150m doses is well reported.
  11. You provide no justification for your wildly inflated numbers.
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