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  1. I would imagine that, like other Thai fugitives, he will have passports for other countries.
  2. Opinion only............................. keep your expectations low - somewhere around zero. Not fair on you, but neither is it the fault of the Thai authorities.
  3. Unfortunately, your common-sense does not correlate with mine. There is no CV19 in Thailand the facts support that statement. Do you know anyone who knows anyone who knows someone who has contracted the virus? No.............. I didn't think so. This infection is not something you can hide unless you are asymptomatic.... by definition 100% of the people could not be asymptomatic. You can skirt over the extensive use of masks (especially in the early stages when there was a real risk of infection) which does help - even WHO now (eventually) recognise that. You can dismiss the corpses in the street argument but the fact is that has been no increase in deaths in Thailand (therefor no impact from CV19 cases). Hospotals under pressure from CV19 admissions?..... No.
  4. I disagree, I think it is EASY to see the amnesty not being extended. I accept that you cannot always believe what is being said, but at the moment the message is crystal clear - get the appropriate visa/extension to match your stay - or get out.
  5. That is of no concern to Immigration. It does not stop those without valid visas/extensions leaving.
  6. I think you have little worry about at the moment, If you are convinced that you will see that sort of improvement - and you want to meet immigration rules, without the cost of an agent - open a Foreign Currency Account and use that to satisfy the financial requirements.
  7. ................... I find myself unable to shed a tear where the motocy taxi mafia are concerned.
  8. You make it sound so awful I am almost surprised.......... not........ that there is such a massive surplus of these guys.
  9. It wasn't good before Coronavirus. Now, with no tourists likely to be around for some time, what do you expect?
  10. 1,000 Baht IS great by Thai standards - What are you measuring it by ?.............. I trust you are not trying to judge this on western numbers; that would be foolish. For delivery guys 400 Baht is acceptable - 1,000 Baht for skilled workers.... and maybe only in Bangkok.
  11. Do you really think Thailand has no idiots ? Your government understood this very well and were sh!tting themselves about Songkran. They didn't trust the masses not to act like the idiots (and they are idiots) that you referred to in other countries. It was even necessary to have provincial bans on alcohol sales because the authorities knew that booze and Thais together do make a good recipe for the "everyone helping together". I wouldn't preach too much about how great the Thais are compared to the rest of the world. Thailand was lucky to escape with very few cases of CV19 and the government (unlike many others) acted swiftly and decisively to control the spread....... the Lumpini boxing debacle showed what the Thais could have been capable of if there had been greater incidence of infection.
  12. It WAS extreme...................... But probably accurate - and certainly effective.
  13. It doesn't matter how intelligent a new incumbent may be - he will not compensate for the dumb actions of too many of his citizens.
  14. As a follow up to your unreliable answer, I would also say go and see an IO in the Khon Kaen office. You may still not get a reliable answer but it is that office that will make the ultimate decision so you may as well engage with them at the earliest opportunity.
  15. Cialis copy in Pattaya 500 Baht for a pack of 4. Reduced to 400 Baht if you buy 4 or more packs. Pharmacy of South Pattaya Road just before the 3rd Road lights (heading east). 800 Baht in pharmacies on soi Bukhao. Cambodia much cheaper.... $5 a pack in Siem Reap.
  16. You will have to start from scratch as I understand it. Two schoolboy errors........ 1. The expiring passport. Immigration will ONLY grant an extension to the expiry date of a passport. 2. Allowing the extension date to pass - it is not covered by the amnesty. Academic in your case because of the passport expiry date. You are potentially up sh!t creek; I hope you get the new passport back before 26th September as you will be on overstay. Hopefully, you will get it back before then and your agent can get a Non O visa arranged as a necessary prelude to the extension. It is going to cost you more.
  17. I am not sure what the point of your post is........ other than to reinforce your stance against mask wearing. It is about right and wrong. A non mask wearer would never be in the right to suggest that someone removes a mask - a pointless comparison. A mask wearer would never be wrong for telling someone to wear a mask if they are in an area where the law/proprietor requires it.
  18. Don't confuse quarantine (which the Thais strictly enforce correctly) and 'self-isolation' that the British do not enforce correctly.
  19. Unless your name is on the chanote (as with a Usufruct or lease) then she is free to do what she wants.
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