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  1. Surprise, surprise it's all just a misunderstanding.....
  2. This is the guy who failed miserably on his one election promise that would have given him loads of support because he's too busy trying to monopolize all possible profit from it. legalizing weed... sez it all doesn't it...
  3. They haven't bought tickets for 50 odd years, no relatives to get money from with a hugely inflated service charge, they'll just let them rot on the street or in jail...
  4. Do you honestly think that the Gov. and elites give a s*** if the serfs children get an education?
  5. Only if they don't think that they can make money out of it...
  6. Thanks, I wouldn't talk to the police on principle anyway lol
  7. You haven't been called darkling and thought what a funny accent...
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