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  1. Doesn't fit with the gov. MO of nasty untrustworthy Farang does it?
  2. They are all wearing crash helmets though, which is a bit different from kicking someone off with no helmet...
  3. Assassin's creed Odyssey, will be playing it for a long time, it's huge...
  4. Yes, Lao khao is fine, if you have no respect for your liver or kidneys. Go to any Isaan village and see the majority drinking this firewater morning, noon and night, a lot of the time at funerals as it kills an unbelieviable number of people. I bet you don't drink this gut rot Yinn...
  5. Well according to this he's been released on bail so he'll be long gone & the BIB will get the bail money, which won't be small, plus confiscating all his assets, so probably more than one million by the sound of it...
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