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  1. They're treating it as a cash grab, pretty typical, probably trying to get some back after the "big Joke" era...
  2. What exaggeration? have you looked at the permissions it wants? & it maybe fine for you to give a government permission to snoop on, and take over your phone but, call me old fashioned, I'm not impressed with the idea...
  3. Well, no surprises there then. They seem to have blown it this time though. Is there one person, anywhere? who believes that this was suicide?
  4. I know that... The point was, the permissions that it wanted. ie. see everything on your phone, listen to your calls, take over your phone and make calls, take photos/videos without your permission...
  5. I asked Mukdahan immigration 3 days ago if i needed to file a TM30 after a 1 night stay in Nakon Penhom and the whole office said that yes, I did, so I think that the rule has been updated...
  6. I just registered on the app, and got my user name/password confirmed within 10 minutes, but have you seen what permissions the app wants? access to everything on your phone and permission to control it, I refused all permissions except location and guess what? it doesn't work without all the rest of the permissions... Comments anyone?
  7. The problem with this kind of thinking is that most of us are connected to Isaan families, and Bangkok Thais couldn't give a shit about Isaan people, in fact probably want them kept poor and controllable. So us supporting them is actually going to make them more likely to want to get rid of us...
  8. I wish I got that basic oz pension, I could live comfortably on that for the rest of my life...
  9. I keep a family of 5 of us in Isaan, living comfortably on 37000, usually manage to save 5-10000/month, so it really depends on what lifestyle you lead. we keep a scooter and a big bike for that and I drink. eat well, mostly home cooked with about 50/50 western and thai food. Obviously no lady money, or car, but still go out on the town most weekends. Obviously we'd struggle in Bangkok or Phucket but no problem anywhere else...
  10. Sounds like she has a mental health issue. Certainly won't be helped by jail...
  11. Do you honestly think that theres anyone qualified to carry out an inspection at the Amphor?
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