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  1. Any ambulance on the islands automatically take farangs to that, private hospital, they get a nice commission...
  2. Probably because the insurance co. realise what a ripoff that particular hospital chain is. Also I thought it was illegal even by Thai law for hospitals to hold your passports to ransom???
  3. Legalising recreational weed is one of the very few things that would get western tourist numbers back up again. But I won't hold my breath with this supposed government...
  4. Even if he can get them a UK passport the UK will never allow him to bring his Thai wife with him unless he's earning a serious amount of money, thanks to the May bot back in 2012, forget human rights for families, you only get them if you're rich...
  5. Always amazes me when they publish stuff like these posters or leaflets for the "aliens" benefit, that they expect the so called "aliens" to be able to understand Thai, instead of translating it into English which everyone can understand or translate easily. It must be less than 1% of the worlds population who can read Thai with it's own specific alphabet. Or maybe they do this deliberately so that they can just make the rules up as they go along....
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