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  1. Lufthansa desk would not be the final say in the matter. When your friend goes through the immigration exit desks before security check, that's when the immigration officer would advise the fine, if any, to be paid. In any case, if your friend had a SETV, it normally gives permission to stay 60 days, which would have put him well past 26Mar on his permitted stay which means he has no fine to pay due to the amnesty. He should not have taken out 20,000THB until after talking to immigration. Hope he makes it safely home in any case.
  2. Reading between the lines, if the incoming travel ban is lifted on July 1st, it likely indicates they expect to have completed preparation of facilities(hotels, govt buildings, etc.) to quarantine arriving passengers for 14-days.
  3. It's the section that says those who cannot meet requirements will also be denied entry at land border crossings. === However, even if one of these included groups, such as, for instance, a work permit holder, can make it to an external border crossing or immigration point without using a commercial passenger flight into Thailand, there are further considerations. Medical certification within 72 hours of embarking for Thailand and $100,000 in health coverage Any foreigner entering the country must have a medical certificate stating that the person is fit to fly if using an air flight while for all visitors, it must confirm that the foreigner is in good health and free of the Covid 19 virus. This letter must have been issued within 72 hours of travelling. There must be health insurance coverage for up to $100,000 and this cover must also include insurance against the Covid 19 virus. This coverage must be authenticated by a Thai official. Memorandum from the Thai Embassy and agreement to 14 days quarantine at the foreigner’s own expense Thirdly, a certificate must have been issued by the Thai Embassy in the country where the foreigner is travelling from. This must also include a memorandum of consent for the foreigner to self-isolate and be placed in state quarantine for 14 days. In the video, Mr Choengron makes it clear that all costs associated with quarantine measures must be borne at the traveller’s own expense if they are an alien. The current requirement is that all travellers must be placed in government-approved quarantine for 14 days. Those who do not meet the criteria will also not be permitted to enter Thailand at land borders The immigration spokesman specifically pointed out that those who cannot meet the criteria to enter Thailand at this point, as outlined, will also not be able to meet the criteria at land borders. This may be an option for those that do but who cannot access Thailand because of the passenger flight ban but meet the other criteria under the emergency decree. Notwithstanding this, reaching Thailand’s land borders has also become more difficult. Aside from restriction in neighbouring countries, the situation, globally, is that international flights to any country at this point have been scaled back and have also become far more expensive. There is a window here for a limited group of people but one fraught with difficulty.
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