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  1. Eventually, I hope that Thailand will look at the issue of the kids going to and coming from school.
  2. One of the best purchases that I have ever made in Thailand was a sidecar to go with my old Honda. I think technically they are illegal but simply overlooked because so many villagers depend on them. I bought a second hand one for B2500 (I think) years ago and had the local welder hook it up for another thousand Baht. Added some paint and viola, I now have what I call my sidecar/farm truck/motorcycle taxi. Both of my license plates have long since expired and I've never had a problem, but then again I only venture out in about a five mile radius of our place. Supposedly to change the Bangkok license to the Phitsanulok province requires me to travel 37 kilometers down a busy highway to the district office in town. Never going to happen. First of all it is to dangerous and secondly it would be a pain in the butt to load it onto a pickup for the trip. It can haul two bags of cement, three bales of hay and four dogs, but not all at the same time. Surprisingly many Thais do not know how to operate it because it does take some getting use to. This mode of transportation is the best thing since sliced bread. So if you see an old man with a ZZ Top beard riding a sidecar/farm truck/motorcycle taxi in the boonies of Thailand, go ahead and wave. It might be me...
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