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  1. I have been using Bangkok Bank for my SS checks for the last couple of years. As of today, SS has not emailed me any information regarding a change. So do I need to contact the bank first to determine if the deposits are of the correct format?
  2. For years, I have heard don't touch Thai people on the head. But sometimes it is ok. I still get confused...
  3. Yesterday, I was at the Phitsanulok Immigration doing my 90-day visit. Normally, it is a quick affair but this time there were tons of Burmese filling out paperwork. As I was waiting, three young muscular men walked in and were quickly seen to. During this short time, I heard them talking about Cobra Gold and what was on the agenda. I knew that military exercises were being held in this area and they certainly looked like US Army soldiers. It's not often I see fellow Americans and we had a short conversation. I'm a former paratrooper with Uncle Sam and we had all been to some of the same forts. Just a quick chat and then they left. It wasn't until I got home that it hit me. What were these guys even doing at immigration? I have been on numerous foreign exercises with Uncle Sam and not once did I have to go to immigration. Who were these guys?
  4. Well poop, I was hoping this year would be different...
  5. Normally, I am not a gambling man. But, I'm thinking this might be a sure bet...
  6. The Bamboo Grapevine has been smoking hot around the local village and my wife is in the middle of it. Why? Many of the rice farmers are beginning to explore the governmental requirements needed to grow pot. They believe that there is more money to be made supplying medical marijuana instead of the struggles with growing rice. And they can't be the only village in Thailand having the same thoughts. As a loving husband, I support my wife 100% in this endeavor....
  7. I'm confused here. Years ago, I had a Thai police check and I think it was free or at most a hundred Baht or so. Why would a Thai pay B1,000 for access to the same database?
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