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  1. LOL, that page also says we have government "by the people, for the people" . So sorry, but anything else it says on that page I am taking with a massive grain of salt. But maybe I'm wrong, and we'll see the helicopters on the horizon soon with airdrops of Moderna over Soi Cowboy...hmm time for another few dozen Sangsom and sodas...
  2. Well if you call the IRS like I did and ask this question, they will readily admit that they have no idea. They are still processing mailed 2019 returns after all... I called them to check on the status of my 2019 return a couple of months ago and it was still not processed. It was received in Austin by the IRS in July (I used a courier with tracking). They do NOT want you to mail a second return though, so your only option is to wait.
  3. Oh man, this thread is still going? From the OP (who reminds me of the days where you would get guys claiming to be ex-special-ops in the bars) spouting off about how the marines should invade with the vaccine, to the guy who claims US expats should have "gone home" in March 2020 to the then #1 Covid hotspot in the world because the State Dept said so This is serious entertainment. Keep it up guys...man, there are a lot of softie US expats in Thailand these days. You guys sure you don't want to move back to Tampa or Cedar Rapids? I mean, it's safer and the Marines will be clos
  4. The OP in this thread was about Mexico City, you would never tire of the food scene there. You get food from every part of Mexico there and there is even a pretty good Thai restaurant in the Roma neighborhood. But yes, if you are in a smaller town I can see how taco / torta fatigue might set in. LOL at the guy slagging off Mexican food and using Taco Bell as an example. Taco Bell isn't Mexican food...it's Taco Bell. You have to be drunk and/or broke to eat it (usually both).
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