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  1. Are there any roadblocks up on Sukhomvit or coming off the Motorway? I'm coming in soon from BKK and I don't have any permit. I do have residence papers that were issued by my JPM in Jomtien back in April. I'll have a taxi full of stuff with me so that should prove its essential travel. Should that be enough?
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    Katz's deli on the lower East Side of Manhattan. My mom was born a block away on Orchard St. over a hundred years ago. My parents used to take me into Manhattan from Queens once a month for a Katz's Pastrami sandwich. Still the best in the world. I was last there in November of 19 with my cousin right before Covid hit. For Pattaya, the pickins are slim. The TGM stuff is <deleted>. Sloane's is found occasionally in Villa or Central near the imported cold cuts. He's a Brit butcher in Bangkok and his pastrami is OK. A bit on the tough side but a decent taste. It should be cut
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