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  1. I have purchased 4.5kW electric showers ( 3 Number) that I think I shall find a luxury compared to no heated water as for the last 3 years. When I rented condos in Bangkok, they were generally 3.5kw. I was considering 6.0kw but was concerned that having three could overload the mains. When I look at the installation instructions for the 4.5kw it states 2.5 mm2 or 4.0 mm2. My intention was to use 4.0mm2 with 32 Amp MCB off the RCB.
  2. But the earth is going back to the consumer unit (as is the neutral) and they are connected to each other in the consumer unit in effect?
  3. I just finished watching a YouTube video on UK mains supplies and the guy seems to say TNC-S system is the safest. I just never realised that the earth could be connected to the neutral or vise versa. It makes me think that having an earth in your serial connections from your consumer unit is pointless (as just an additional neutral) and actually something else to potentially short with the live?
  4. Generator, if I get one, would be maximum 9 kW so I see your point there. I shall put the rod in then, I think they come in only 2 metre lengths in Global House.
  5. The reason that I was putting the 63A MCB after the changeover switch (125 Amp) was to protect the amount of ampage drawn out from either the Mains or the Generator. When I look at that government drawing connecting the Neutral to the Earth, I cannot see the reason for having an earth rod as it appears the earth is travelling to the government neutral anyway.
  6. That does not make sense to me ! In the UK after the meter, I have the live and neutral going to the consumer unit and the earth connected to the armour plating of the incoming mains cable. The neutral mains is NOT connected to the earth in my UK house as far as I can see. This was my plan:
  7. What do you mean by "ring-finals are a no-no"? Do you mean running a 2.5 mm2 ring from the consumer unit with a 30 Amp MCB is not legal in Thailand I have about 80 (4" x 4") metal boxes in the house for power, with each box taking 4 electric sockets in. So if I was running it on a 20 Amp MCB, how many of these metal boxes (with 4 electric sockets in) can I connect to one 20 Amp MCB?
  8. In the UK, under what ever directive (I think 17th) it is compulsaory to use a metal consumer unit box. I took a few Schneider Consumer Units to Thailand from the UK. They are plastic as per picture with the standrd 2 RCDs and MCBs I also took some 10 Amp and 20 Amp MCBs as seem to be commonly used in Thailand. Is there any rules in Thailand regarding using a plastic consumer unit? I actually feel that they are safer than a steel one. I intend to use two of these consumer units. One for upstairs and one for downstairs (2 floor house) I shall supply both of them from a single 63 Amp MCB worrying about overloading the Mains Supply Cable. I am running the following off the two consumer units: DOWNSTAIRS: Shower 4500 watt Expresso Coffee Machine 4200 watt Water heater 2000 watt UK electric kettle 3000 watt Air conditioning Unit UPSTAIRS 2 No Showers 4500 watt 2 Air Conditioning Units Am I overloading my supply? This is the reason for putting a 63 Amp MCB on the Mains Supply.
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