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  1. Googled VFS and got these numbers. BKK Bang Kapi +66-840000000 BKK Watthana +66-631879270 CM office +66-21187100 BKK Bang Rak +66-21187001 Hopefully you can get through to one of them. Let us know if you get it sorted.
  2. Lived in Philippines for a year in 2007, travelled back there quite a few times on holiday and visiting friends. I’d agree, a lot of the islands are beautiful but some beach areas have been ruined by tourism. Philippine food is all bland imo. I tried it in the villages and cities and found nothing I liked. I do prefer Thai food. Never drove myself but was in enough vehicles to know that the roads and traffic are not much better than Thailand. Heard more honking horns there than Thailand. People are genuinely friendly, well some are, just like some are in a Thailand. Had a few gf’s from there and it all eventually comes down to money and family. Crime is non-existent, well you are obviously having a laugh aren’t you.
  3. Lost mine last week. Flew out from Swampy yesterday to KL and got one from the young girl who checks your passport/boarding pass before immigration.
  4. http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/thailand-now-has-more-than-37-million-registered-cars/
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