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  1. during the vetting process this question was asked "where do you live" so she would hook up with someone who is out of the country and just send money. the best case for a bar girl when selecting a boyfriend.
  2. just out of curiosity, do you know what he pays her a mouth? sorry month. i never have done this for a entire month. is there a common average number the girls ask for? and something to think about. have you seen a photo of the other boyfriend? how did it make you feel? is he better looking that you? better shape? way older? can you see what she sees in him?
  3. sounds like you are not ready for a new relationship. she knows everything about your old relationship now. including the worst <deleted>. you may find that her #1 boyfriend is more needy and more easy to manipulate than you. with bar girls it is always about the money. until you provide her with the same finical security or more she will not leave him. also she is playing both of you now because you are kicking up the tab, 100 baht here and there makes a difference. and banging her which she likes. i have a girl like this that just texts me out of the blue, that is how i know her boyfriend is gone. it took me a while to realize she was never going to leave him so now i don't worry about it. am i bad? i am not sure. i know she is bad for sure which is why i like her. sorry to be blunt, but you are dating a prostitute. if you date normal Thai women in your age range things will be totally different. i have found many incredible normal Thai women here. and stop and think about what you are doing and why. you are dating a hooker, having great sex and a wild time and sleeping with another man's girlfriend. i am not being judgemental because i sometimes do the same thing, but you need to look at the psychological reason why or you will always make the same bad choices while having a great time.
  4. why can't coke be legal? can you imagine snorting a huge line off a Thai girls ***? i actually think i would never sleep again.
  5. https://www.justlanded.com/english/Sri-Lanka/Sri-Lanka-Guide/Visas-Permits/Retirement-visas https://www.osac.gov/Country/SriLanka/Content/Detail/Report/92761c93-1bf4-4396-ad65-15f4aeab7236
  6. go to the airport with all the cash and hope you don't get stopped for some other reason before you get there. if he goes to a immigration office he stands the chance of getting arrested and placed in detention. getting transfered to BKK from where ever he is arrested can sometimes take a day or two. you don't want that. i can't answer the rest. sorry.
  7. "Hey this coke is sort of brown. What is it cut with?" "Don't worry, this is really good <deleted>."
  8. very funny, but actually i don't get along to well with the year of the dog. they have their agenda and stick to it. does not work for me. but nothing is as bad for me as the year of the rat. the worst and to be avoided at all costs, no matter how hot.
  9. i think its cool how the op is worried about the lines at the hospital. if i was bleeding out i would be like that too. "Its nothing. I'm not standing in line. whats for lunch?" Signs and symptoms of dengue hemorrhagic fever or severe dengue — a life-threatening emergency — include: Severe abdominal pain. Persistent vomiting. Bleeding from your gums or nose. Blood in your urine, stools or vomit. Bleeding under the skin, which might look like bruising. Difficult or rapid breathing.
  10. I have Aetna Thailand. I wonder if there is any connection between the two "divisions"? most likely not.
  11. "Hey! Let go of my tail. You should be studying English. Or some 4.0 thing."
  12. i guess i should get a lawyers number. i did not break any laws. this was a very difficult experience and i was told flat out i was going to die if i went to jail so i had better get the money. being detained for two hours on a dark road with no buildings around or CCTV cameras or witnesses who might be making a video is very scary when you live alone in Thailand.
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