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  1. if you look around Bangkok you will see very expensive plates on very expensive cars like: 7777 9999 8888 1 5
  2. wait, does that mean I don't exist? come to think of it, what is reality?
  3. "What you do bad tourist?" "I laid in the sun by the pool."
  4. it is exhausting. exhausting. see what i did there? because you know, this is about air purifiers. I will be looking into the IQ Pro.
  5. Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC): further intensified (Category 5 - Super Typhoon) and is now having 1-min maximum sustained winds of up to 295 km/h and gustiness of 360 km/h. Source: Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) Unfortunately it looks like we will be seeing more destruction in the Philippines soon. http://bagong.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/tropical-cyclone/severe-weather-bulletin/2
  6. your antenna is working extremely well. Congratulations on fabricating it. a total pain to make those curved elements. I have a SDRDuo, SDRUno, HackRF, and two NooElec SDRs with a Diamond D3000N Discone antenna and various other antennas.
  7. "A typhoon that is the most intense storm of 2020 is swirling in the North Pacific, and it's heading for a direct hit on the Philippines. Super Typhoon Goni rapidly intensified this week, and as of Friday boasted sustained winds of 285 km/h, putting it squarely at Category 5-equivalent strength. Goni looks to keep much of its strength over the next couple of days, and may still be at least Category 3 Sunday morning when it strikes Luzon in the Philippines, the country's most populous island that is also home to the capital Manila." https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/new
  8. moving to Hua Hun first and not coming directly where i am now. one hundred meters from Crazy House.
  9. 15:00 local time. look how well defined the eye is. loop here: https://rammb-slider.cira.colostate.edu/?sat=himawari&z=3&im=12&ts=1&st=0&et=0&speed=130&motion=loop&map=NaN&maps[borders]=white&lat=0&opacity[0]=1&hidden[0]=0&pause=20201030081000&slider=-1&hide_controls=0&mouse_draw=0&follow_feature=0&follow_hide=0&s=rammb-slider&sec=full_disk&p[0]=visible_albedo_cira&x=8689.98388671875&y=7581.8837890625
  10. i'm not dead yet but you can bet this what my funeral will look like. with slightly more risque outfits.
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