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  1. you don't get out much do you?
  2. ‘Oh, mmm, deeper, deeper,’ Jesus what a pig!
  3. I wonder if she will marry me. And which TV member is that?
  4. what are they defending Surin from? Farang tourists?
  5. NCC1701A

    Trat to Pattaya by public bus

    Google maps. set to bus mode.
  6. NCC1701A

    Immigration's New Toys

    if you get another chance, try to get a close up of the white label, could be a model number or manufacturers ID.
  7. NCC1701A

    Immigration's New Toys

    facial recognition software. they can park and scan people walking by or zoom in . they scan the database for hits. also license plate readers.
  8. NCC1701A

    Where to dispose of old mattress, pattaya

    take it to Soi 6, it can be used in a short time room.
  9. if you can't get the CCTV camera in the house, how about a ladder and climb up a take a look in the bedroom window? or fly a drone.
  10. 100% African or 50/50? well maybe the Thai woman had a child with a Nigerian from Soi 4 in Bangkok and now is hooked up this this guy. and her child is Gay.
  11. on second thought, maybe the Op can get one of these installed in the neighbor's house. Maybe by offering to lend a hand around the house. then he can really get to the bottom of this mystery.
  12. NCC1701A

    A week long holiday to thai

    it is another suspect newbie post. no doubt he will have pregnant bar girlfriend next or asking about buying land.
  13. thank you Farangs for helping us understand our mistake. we do not think past our nose. but we like to watch Farang turn red and go crazy in immigration office.