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  1. i'm thinking about getting a goat. does that count for anything?
  2. sorry to hear about your pets. horrible to ask did but you take photos? good for Facebook to shame the village.
  3. can Medicare be used for anything in Thailand? the answer is no, correct?
  4. it is worse that that for me. I am in Hua Hin. The place all the old used up bar girls from Pattaya go to die. They will not let me leave.
  5. you are saying I could do boom boom in Mallorca? I was there for five days and did not hear a word about it.
  6. Thailand is doing great. nothing wrong with the Baht and there will not be repeat of 1997 no matter how much we would like to see more baht for the what ever you got. and plan your retirement in the coming decades around the baht and SEA growing in economic strength and your home currency except the US dollar just going down in value over time.
  7. maybe you can fake your own death. your friends can say they got your phone at the hospital after a terrible accident and your last dying wish was for them to text you the bad news. make sure they include a copy of the death certificate and photos a funeral.
  8. upon reflection, I think this is a great idea. It should be listed as a unofficial requirement for married Farangs. no joke.
  9. Dr. Niyom Tantikun is my dermatologist at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok. He removes my skin tags from my face and removed a mole from my back I was worried about. He was honest and said it was not a problem but I did it anyway. Emailed biopsy as negative. Speaks perfect English. Now if I could just find a place for a good face lift.
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