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  1. these comments are on Google. wait until this story hits the UK tabloids.
  2. yes this is not going to end well for the hotel. typical comments now: "This is a disgusting hotel that has customers arrested if they criticize the service they received. DO NOT stay at this hotel."
  3. here is the other half of the story: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VZCwyULmkLpZ7y5nT5wsaX0mn8waPd4H/view
  4. i have too say the sales staff at Ford jumped up when i walked in unannounced. sales woman and someone to translate until a English speaker showed up a few minutes later. I spend three hours there and they never left my side. the second day we walked to a storage lot to look at more trucks. they answered every question i had and i really had a lot of questions as this will be my first truck purchase in Thailand.
  5. good question i was just about to start a topic about the process. do you need anything from immigration? or just passport?
  6. it has been a while since i have bought a new car and i was a little surprised that the first service was 15,000 km. i was thinking more like at least half of that.
  7. ok. i like tarts. actually the interior is slightly nicer than a XLT in a way that I really like. 18" wheels. Very nice roll bar not a after market add on that was not thought out. blacked out grill and rear bumper,
  8. i would not imagine they will be discounting new FX4s? still worth waiting for i was just curious.
  9. were you offered the 100k or did you have to beat them up until they got to 100k?
  10. this is good info. thank you. yes i am going to wait now. I specifically asked this question about 2021 trucks and of course the answer was no one knows when they will arrive.
  11. actually the very nice and helpful sales woman at Ford was asking me very personal questions right out the gate. married? girlfriend? family? and of course the most important question. "are you going to pay cash?" "sure honey who doesn't pay a million baht for a truck that they don't really need?"' i told her i would come back the next day and she texted me to make sure I was coming and when i walked in I did not recognize her she had obviously spent the morning having her hair and makeup done. the other women were all smiling at how the first date was going. I told her I changed my mind and instead of white I wanted a red pickup like a fire truck and she actually said "Oh red is a sexy color!" and then pulled out a photo of her car and said "my car is red and sexy too! see? we are the same!" the problem now is apparently Ford has run out of new red XLT or FX4 Rangers in Thailand.
  12. yes i have a passbook. thank you for info.
  13. yes actually the accounts were opened about a year before I asked for the card. it is where I keep my 800,000 baht retirement extension of stay money. i did not link the accounts with a ATM. They can't even be accessed online.
  14. this hapless peon does not drink. retirement extension could not be easier. takes me two hours a year to do it.
  15. i am retired, no job, no work permit and if I stay in Bangkok much longer, soon no money but Bangkok Bank gave me a Visa Credit Card after I open a fixed account to use as collateral. Then I pay the balance automatically every month from my conventional savings account. zero interest charge. I would look into that. many will tell you on this forum that a expat will not be able to get a conventional credit card but some members here have done it. as always with dealing with banks or immigration dress like you are going to a important job interview. how is your experience with Citi Bank?
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