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  1. 4:05 PM - tremors in Santitham. My apartment building moving a bit. Hope it's not a omen of things to come.
  2. Looking for some advice here. With the new banking requirements I want to take a look at Vietnam as a long term destination, specifically Danang. I've looked for flights and found nothing direct from CNX to Danang - only Hanoi and HCMC. I would prefer to clear customs in CNX rather than Bangkok. My question is - has anyone on this forum traveled to Hanoi or HCMC from Chiang Mai? I would then get a connection to Danang. Does anyone have any tips on making this as hassle free as possible? The air fares are pretty close. The main carriers seem to be Air Asia and Bangkok Airways. I've already purchased a one year business visa through an agent......thanks in advance.
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