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  1. OP - thanks for the info. I've been wondering about Belize myself as I'm planning on clearing out of CM later this year. You said you've been there - one of the draws is that supposedly English is widely spoken there. Is this correct? Also, any thoughts about the city you stayed at? Rumor has it that Yingluck had some help in high places when she escaped.
  2. I quit drinking about 7 years ago, coinciding with a move to a medical marijuana state in the USA. When I'm CM, as I am now, I go to bed every night sober as a church mouse. I would leave though if cheap adult massages were not available. I call it a pot and poon lifestyle.
  3. Looking out again today it's much worse - the gray completely obliterating the mountain again, and seems to be oozing eastward.....It's alive. IT"S ALIVE!!! If ever we needed them, we need them now.
  4. Looking out my windows it's worse today in CM than yesterday....sheesh.
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