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  1. Ok thank you. I am talking to another one that sent out messages offering it for 14K. Thai visa center I think it is called. Not sure if anyone has used them or not. Bangkok Buddy came up once before, they cost a bit more but have a few good references it seems like.
  2. If your condo is raided by immigration you will be find, made to phone your landlord and he finned too. The place I stay was raided, many had to pay fine, they where ask for copy of lease, TM30 receipt, pictures taken inside and out side of room.
  3. Any good information would really be appreciated. Not many agents in Bangkok
  4. Just dint get to high and forget your TM 30, your 90 day report or what ever other BS they trough in
  5. Probably looking for something more grey. I am afraid of issues with 65K monthly deposits they was supposed to be easy going the first year but afraid to try it so decided just to use an agent
  6. I am looking for a reasonable agent to do the yearly retirement extension in Bangkok. I found one offering 14,000 THB Certainly prefer to get referrals as I don’t want any issues later This wil be my 3rd extension, never used an agent before
  7. Ok thanks. I have not even tried Astro yet, I am never in a dark area, certainly I am looking forward to trying it. I have a Tamron 15-30 2.8 lens paired with Canon eos R so I should get decent results once I get to practice a bit
  8. The burning season seems to be the best time to go, January February.
  9. I am interested in doing a bit of Astro photography but am clueless on where to go as most places have so much light pollution. Some suggest some national parks etc. maybe Chang Ma, Chang Rai@?
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