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  1. I think you need an invite for Diacord groups, I used it once. Yea one option is to take the money I wanted to use to buy the hotspot miner and buy HNT. I just bought 2, things are not so stable now, I have spent 30,000 buying a few coins just to learn a bit. I am certainly interested in mining Helium but as you say the manufactures are not making it easy
  2. I am not sure if how the authorities here would view it, not am I 100 percent sure of the band being used. My research seems to point towards 915 MHz. I had been looking at the Prove of Coverage hotspot miners but none have a delivery date until after October. Helium will probably ha;f before then so not sure how profitable it will be and worried about the legal framework here and buying the model with correct band being used here thanks in advance if anyone knows any details
  3. It seems the American government has made it really tough. Just today I was denied based on American SEC laws. Is there anyway around this? I was denied on others because I am in Thailand, this seems like a lose lose position. I wanted to buy on some on the huge drop we saw but I am left out
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