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  1. At 15-18 large what half of Hang Dong are you selling... good luck
  2. Ok thanks now at least I know why I don't know him
  3. Who's R Kelly would be my question but reading the story I'm glad I don't know
  4. What happened to the pole vaulter in the melee is he stuck in the ceiling
  5. Maybe everyone was swimming or at the doctors with dysentery
  6. But with all this great news has the horizontal departures decreased by 4.9% to declare safety
  7. If your a smoker get 5m away from the smog and you will be ok
  8. Country club conjures some pleasant images but not that one
  9. From what I have seen here the first responder is the first with the phone out videoing the demise so to see someone actually trying to help is indeed commendable well done son
  10. Looks like a lot of farangs will be walking on hot coals before buying the bag of charcoal
  11. Thai police seek to prosecute leader of anti-junta party popular with young
  12. They failed to deploy Novichock on a door handle properly pukin now looking a fool time to start a war get big Don in a judo suit and slug it out without nukes
  13. Sex workers? where have they come from there is no prostitution here
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