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  1. A tad more funny than you it appears and for your info my father to
  2. Its a relief to know he did not put his wife and son in danger by road testing his eyes for half an hour it could now be part of the highway code
  3. Police have launched a manhunt for the robber, who was described as wearing a black jacket, black jeans and red trainers. Sounds like one hot robber on the loose
  4. Cluck me an egg board and no one can help you across the road why?
  5. It all looked suspicious when Ned Kelly appeared in the photo wearing a prison shirt
  6. That will be 1000s of legit pawn shops with no income and on the iffy 5000bt scheme then
  7. The safest place to be alone is a 2 bed rundown terraced inherited house in Swindon not even buyers want to come near you the next visit will be the bin men a week Wednesday something to look forward to
  8. Covid19 briefing now on the back burner Dom has taken over the entire country's network body count now irrelevant who cares about the virus with this media circus in town he did a sterling job at bating and bowling at the same time with the great news his eyesight is up to driving case closed move on
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