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  1. The Thais will have their own version of any such plan starting at 25k in all probability
  2. Bet the phoney minister feels right at home meeting a phoney PM for some how the hell did you get away with that talks
  3. At least they will be able to find out where generals are before and after they run
  4. Think Xi has got his death rate and bank balance mixed up easy to do
  5. I'm sticking to my forecast as well ! doomed by greed and incompetence
  6. They are probably right but even higher if you ain't vaccinated anyone yet
  7. Looking for a clue what this is all about then stopped at "costs by billions" and totally gave up by "operational feasibility"
  8. Never ending list of obstacles and gouging opportunism from a clueless regime and that's just on leaving
  9. Some Snatch for me followed by 1-1,500 of the Tokyo Hot series as time won't be an issue
  10. Mysterious disappearance of pathogen's aside you can stay up or fall down until midnight
  11. I bought a new big capacity top loader a couple of years ago with hot and cold fill and only found out it had no heater on first use so now its just a tepid fill
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