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  1. Kids touching toys in a toy shop whatever next a global pandemic of biblical proportions
  2. French owned and has sold units to Chinese and German people heads will roll
  3. I'm impressed you are still able to count the remaining number of teeth you have left I get to 10 and give up
  4. The car owners of high powered high price high so's rest easy you can't be caught Rip
  5. While we are here not looking to block anyone but where is the "My Activity" gone ?
  6. Wonder what the Maj-Gens predictions are in percentages of those still to be caught or has he a friend in TAT that could help with that
  7. Think non muslims are getting a bit tired of getting their heads cut off for tenuous reasons to Mr M
  8. The premier will also hear their requests for government remedial measures. This ought to be good possible candidates are a new tank to reinforce security or water cannons to put out fires
  9. JC was close to tears so was I my ribs are still aching
  10. TAT officials have found a new department by the look of it could be 10% growth by the end of the year with the hoards STV 's clamoring to get in
  11. Is that a new list of caveats regulations and rinse schedules he is holding
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