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  1. So not the same place that's been sealed off with 2,400 infections then what a relief
  2. Wonder if its a tape measure and an egg timer test that will be required
  3. That obviously means it is not misleading and inaccurate its the national pastime of gouging
  4. Sounding more out of control everyday but as we know the peak has passed according to the fools at the CCSA two weeks ago
  5. They have been working at breakneck speed then, ok guys take your lunch break now
  6. Let us pray the virus can wait until June the 9th
  7. Its an epic mess Mr Czar of your making absolutely nothing learnt in 18 months
  8. But if they do that the figures will increase and no one in the CCSA will want to say the peak has been reached again it will make them look stupid
  9. I would call one a legit but three a legit faster unless its a pic of one three times
  10. I see a fit up coming his way or even some extra holes but keep on pecking until covid is gone then the bubbling undercurrent will explode and bring them all down anyway
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