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  1. Looks like they got to their final destination very fast Rip
  2. Mr Mister from the comic troupe posing as Dr Mister the con man now known as a comic genius
  3. Ease of doing business ranked 27th there is a 1 missing somewhere
  4. On the bright side he should make it home for Brexit in a couple of years or so
  5. The liar and the novichoker in cahoots as the imitation Sultan Erdog try's to look important
  6. Take their motor cycles away would be to easy hit them hard with a jacket removal
  7. All the world's a stage, / And all the men and women merely players / or embezzlers
  8. Looks like video transfer skills about the same as driving skills
  9. But they are the robbers probably refining their getaway when its them on the vinyl board
  10. The only comfort you can get right now is your not alone in the collapse
  11. Pound up to 39 a bottle of wine this Christmas on the cards until the next moron opens their trap
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