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  1. Labour is the Thai equivalent of an inactive post, sitting on the fence until they get their parliamentary pension rights payed up hoping the other side falls off their loftier perches or world war 3 the whole party looks to be as funny as a Graham Norton joke right now and that's a shame as their is no opposition to the millionaires party with Corbunkel hanging on to the pitiful show
  2. What a great seizure now what ? send the serpents to charm school or off with their heads to the belt factory
  3. On a very good day it will rise 0.1 on a bad it will fall 1.1 as it slides into oblivion taking me with it
  4. Agree dead in this filthy gutter is hard a very hard reality no one cares RIP
  5. The anti graft body is still waiting for the honest bit to be grafted back on after its toothless Rolex parts fell off
  6. And the song of the day is we all live in a yellow submarine
  7. No need to step down if he has already won is there
  8. Hey I'm a Swindonian and had a short time at Honda driving Civics around their test track BMW has Mini pressing plant is also there on the site of the Old Rover plant its 3,500 workers plus I think from memory 5-1 in the supply chain around 20,000 in all and the mugs voted for Brexit hopefully my townsfolk will march on parliament and haul back Boris Gove and Faranatang to slay them on the town end steps of STFC and pile the body's on Juncker's desk to now get a deal
  9. Me thinks the Aussie women should lift the seat they have pecked their partners heads for to put down and this may stop them pissing all over the floor for a easier hack
  10. Surprised and astounded in how he failed in his chosen method time to go home fella
  11. Under Corbunkle they have made no inroads into the weakest Tory government ever made no capital gains on the Brexit front The DUP has more clout than these clowns dig up Guy Fawkes and get rid of the lot
  12. Let the family do their own re-enactment end of story for this filth RIP
  13. Guillotining ones head is a suicide option rarely used on Mars
  14. cc David Cameron on this thread he has a different angle to piggy's
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