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  1. I have been buying from Lazada for over a year now. Every day that an order was to be delivered I would get an email saying “Your order has been shipped”. I would stay home that day and wait to receive it. Then get a telephone call from the delivery driver telling me what time he figured to be at my house . The last 3 orders I never got the email I got the phone call from the driver but no email . Lucky I was home. If I had gone out I would have missed the delivery. Am I the only one who does not get the “Item has been shipped” email any more . I know they still got my email address because I still get the “Your item has been delivered” email . ???
  2. Sometimes insurance pays but most of the time not . When it does pay it only pays part .
  3. I am waiting for a refund from EVA -- been 9 weeks now .
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