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  1. Have no knowledge of what happens in Phnom Penh these days. Haven't visited in over 20 years.
  2. Abuse of pets in this country is widespread. While this case is particularly atrocious I see/hear animal abuse every day. Dogs locked up in small areas. Never walked, never petted, just seen as another possession like a new car or iPhone to show others how rich they are as they can afford these luxuries. A country of animal lovers it isn't.
  3. Everybody is taxed to some degree. Even in death I suspect some taxes are levied. What you, and the article means is, I'll guess, income tax. A tax that is quite small in the overall realm of Thai taxes. Business tax and VAT being the major parts, fuelled by consumers.
  4. Miserable existence... Not at all. Quite happy with my family and friends nearby. Certainly not one to travel unnecessarily on the pretext of helping domestic tourism. I do help the world economy by spending my income within my 2km radius. The world economy would not benefit because I spent it further afield as doing so would affect my local economy which is part of the world. The same goes for everyone, including you, if they spend their income. It is not where you spend, it is how much you spend that effects the economy. Ever think about that? You can thank me later.
  5. But you did question why was travel allowed and how was it supposed to help stop the spread. An intelligent person would be able to answer that question themselves and realised that travelling especially from a red to a non-red zone was not the best way to stop covid spreading. As for myself I have not travelled more than 2km from home these last 14 months and then only for essential purposes, food and medicine. Most certainly not for a good time. Responsibility is my middle name.
  6. 1) not Australian. 2) Bangkok is a red zone. Other red zones have been locked down, why not Bangkok. Are the residents too elite to accept what the rest of the country has to endure or are their noses stuck too far up their <deleted> to care about the rest of the country.
  7. Yes the 70+ year old Thai pharmacist who has just had his place of business, near me, refurbished is a member of one of those gangs. NOT.
  8. You have been told. Accept it or move along.
  9. Plans to send a rocket to the moon but can't build a working drainage system after 40 years of me watching them try. AMAZING THAILAND.
  10. May I remind you that the figures quoted are those that died and does not state the kind of vehicle that caused the death. Every day on my scooter I have to take emergency action to avoid being killed by some larger vehicle seemingly out to murder me. Any accident I've ever had here on my scooter has been caused by a car. When I had a car the only accidents I was involved in were caused by another car. And that is in 40 years of driving/riding here. I would contend that if there were only two wheelers on the roads the death rate would be close to zero. So perhaps we should ban all 3, 4, 6, 8,
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