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  1. Why even bother with more projects when the existing ones are not finished or badly maintained. Not a single working pedestrian crossing light system. How many millions did that project cost only to be left to rot. Cc TV project is disarray. 40 years of beach road beautification and it's still not finished. Prove that a project can be done, then maintained properly before wasting more public money that would more likely be only a brown envelope shuffling exercise rather than any true benifit to the city.
  2. My lifestyle hasn't changed much too. In fact it may be said to have improved with there no longer being the hordes of loud, unruly Chinese tourists clogging up Pattaya's traffic as they sit in coaches to take them off to some shopping center where the coach double or triple parks to let them all off. And I can actually get through the doors of 7-11 now once I've stepped over the usual dog lying there.
  3. RIP to the dead and get well soon to the injured.
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