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  1. China will regret forever the releasing of WuFlu upon the world.
  2. Taksin is a crook only in it for what he can get out of it. Any supporter of his must be of the same ilk.
  3. Democracy is not something Thailand can handle. They're better off being told what to do than thinking for themselves.
  4. The story left the reader hanging, notes Thaivisa. Quite typical of Thai reporting. Never think of a question to ask.
  5. Not all of them. Some you have to enter to get the login details. Catch 22.
  6. I've been experienced "do you have chickens in your country?", "Thailand makes all 747s here because Thai Inter has them", "if it's duvay, then it should be blankay, they both keep you warm in bed"
  7. There are many who do. You'll find them on Facebook and YouTube.
  8. Just don't track my movements. It's a waste of time anyway. I get sick will they contact the hundreds of places I've been and the thousands of people who also visited those places? A logistical nightmare.
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