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  1. I don't think you grasp the finer points of dual sport riding in comparison to balls to wall racing. But you stick to commenting on things you do know about. It'll serve you better in the future.
  2. The 250/300L are outgrown very quickly if you ride anything slightly aggressive off-road. Prior to proper off-road bikes being made available at reasonable money they were acceptable for what they were with some mods thrown at them they were reasonably competent. The 450RL uncorked is in a completely different league. You can't even compare the two bikes. If you are considering the pros and cons over each, you are probably a 300L type of guy because those who can ride a bike quick in dirt wouldn't even consider the 300L when the 450RL is available. Unless of course cost is the only
  3. You sound like my wife! 5555 Thanks for confirming though
  4. Interested to know from those in the know if prices have been affected by covid and where the market currently is at regarding 2/3 bedroom pool villas on the island?
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