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  1. OUTSTANDING JOB. Give em a pay raise and promotion.
  2. This morning of free corn from the market. Sweet Israeli home grown. Yesterdays work. One of the project girls that came with a bun in the oven stopped by for a banana snack.
  3. We area in the same area. I'm in Kap Choeng Surin. Some of your information can be found on this thread which is an on going operation. You're more than welcome to drop me a PM and to make a visit. The wife is still feeding her heard with the tropical grass along with all the fresh corn and other left overs from the Choeng Chom Market and this is free. She makes at least one trip and sometime two a day to that market for a solid pickup load. She does augment this diet with an vitamin based grain from the Department of Livestock and Development. The grass is Sweet Israel and Nappier grass
  4. The Thai highway 214 from the Chong Chom crossing from Surin to Cambodia all the way up to Bueng Kin is being taken to 4 lanes with the new friendship bridge(#5)crossing over at Bueng Kan into Lao to move commerce from China, Vietnam and Lao into Thailand and then Cambodia. The Thai government is in the mist of completing the final 12 km of the 214 through Kap Choeng to the Chong Chom Crossing. Most of the 214 up to Rai Et has been completed.
  5. Hope it goes good for you. Just a suggestion if you need a western fix try https://nnrestaurant.de.tl in Nong Khai. Also there is a new friendship bridge going in at Bueng Kan.
  6. My wife has been involved and I guess I have too in a major project that kicked off back in January and the grand finally stared about 5:30 am this morning with the arrival of 50 head of Thai Wagyu Beef from a farm in Saraburi. Two 10 wheel trucks with extensions, 25 cows per truck. All cows are female. This project was funded by the local government, Surin Livestock Breeding and Research Center Na Bua Surin Thailand, Thai Army and the Surin Agriculture and Livestock Center in Kap Choeng. The residents signed up on first come first serve for their number my wife got number 2 main reason is her involvement in this project and her contacts in the agricultural network. There has been a barn built in the southwest corner of her land on about 2 rai which btw she gets rent for. This barn is about 100 foot long by 60 foot wide. The labor was provided by the locals and took about 4 weeks to construct. A 6 inch well was also provided. The locals have been guaranteed a minimum of 25,000 baht per head by the Wagyu Beef Industry. For info these cattle are not your Thai beef, They are Thai Wagyu Beef http://bk.asia-city.com/restaurants/news/thai-wagyu-beef-bangkok I have inclosed some photos and I'm sure there will be more. List of the new owners. Looking at the inside of the barn. Arrival All cattle are tagged and registered. It was long trip and they were tired.
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