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  1. Both of you are wrong. Taken out of context below is the complete cation. "FILE PHOTO: The flags of U.S. and Japan are hoisted as participants attend a memorial service jointly held by Japan and the United States to mark the 70th anniversary of one of World War II's bloodiest and most symbolic battles on the remote island of Iwo Jima, which is now officially called Iwo To in Japan, south of Tokyo March 21, 2015. REUTERS/Pool/File Photo
  2. BS. They never asked to see mine and yes I said I was divorced. The service I used is in Chiang Mai and married at the amphora both had the same requirement and I told the truth and they never questioned me for proof. Been married for over 13 years ad wife is on her 2nd 10 year tourist visa for the Colonies.
  3. When I was a teenager we would describe a female how she looked as a snake or wolf. This is a photo of a snake.
  4. To your right and just above the floor of he further coffee and steak house you can see a brown pressure pump we had spare. I be stuffed. It works like a champ and takes care of about 3 rai. Photo January 30.
  5. The drainage lines are about 4 inches above the paddies. The irrigation lines are connect to me bosses anniversary gift from last year. This photo is August 5 last and you see the pump. You can see the water is about 6 foot below the very top berm which is a road way. and it also has drainage lines in stalled. The land on the other side is the wife uncles. The pond aka lake top out over the berm and into his paddies. WBTW he now has about 3 rai of sweet corn growing and gets to use his nieces pond for irrigation.
  6. The rain we received was the last week in August and the first two weeks in September. This was September 4 and you can see the run off from the paddies. September 10
  7. Had three weeks of rain in September and that was it. Zero before and zero since then and I'm just west of you. Saying that with water table being at 3 meters and the run off from the paddies someones dream is coming true. As for charts they are like political polls. I look for another dry season. This has given her what she wants Organic rice. Irrigation.
  8. What part of isaan as isaan is half the size of Germany and conditions change. Saying that I'm in lower Surin/Kap Choeng and my wife has said fork rice and has gone a different direction. Our water table is about 3 meters down so her first requirement was a 50 meter square x 10 meter deep pond and no it is not lined. Check out my thread.
  9. Visit this guys and yes the have berry wines. They are 100% legal and located in Phanromdonrak Surin. I have personal sampled the merchandize.
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