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  1. YES IN BKK I BELIVE, but in Isan and Northen I don't belive !!!!
  2. Why should it !?? The party stood behind the support of the last military coup with Suthep.S. in the front line !!!!
  3. You have a long long long way to go , you never learn , this is not the right way to solve this problem !!! It's a question of EDUCATION / INFORMATION !! You mus learn the peoples to take RESPONSIBILITY FOR THERE's behavor and RESPECT other peoples (you are not alone on the road) Try to learn the next generation to stop this deep siikness of PROUDNESS AND JEALOUSNESS and take RESPONSIBILITY OF YOUR OWN BEHAVOR and be HONEST WITH RESPECT !!!!!!!
  4. Stay calm, the Junta/military has allready bought what needed to win this election !!!!
  5. As I can see the calendar the trafic-jam will start 6/4 !!!
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