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  1. A key characteristic of totalitarian/authoritarian regimes is having so many laws, unknown to the public at large, that you are breaking some law no matter what you happen to be doing
  2. Amen to that. Here is photo of last time they mucked up beach road I came across today...
  3. I predict these sorts of stories will replace the "taxi driver finds 100k baht left by passenger and returns the money" sort of fluff. Heck, the other day I saw cops roll up in Jomtien and they weren't wearing masks until the got out
  4. It seems typical of Thai ruling class to only consider Bangkok as Thailand. Nothing exists outside of Bangkok.
  5. "Oh, but they 'pay taxes'! How much?" I pay the same federal income taxes as I would if I were in the US. "What services do they get for 'all that money' they pay? Military. AN FDA that checks both food and medicine for safety. Decent roads and airports (sometimes). Public schools. FEMA assistance in the event of a disaster. Air traffic control. Deposit insurance in the event a bank goes bust." We expats don't get those "services" except maybe FDIC if have account back home. When is the last time US FDA checked food and medicine here? Yeah, right. "Some U.S. expats, however, rememb
  6. I down.... how many 100's of thousands to go? "A herd of one"? or "I herd of one"
  7. I don't know where you get your misinformation, but moving abroad in no way relieves US citizens from paying taxes. Nonsense.
  8. I thought this forum was aimed at expats in Thailand. As far as I know (and it changes minute to minute) looks like little chance of an "after" time for us in any reasonable amount of time. Maybe "unboxing" day?
  9. My Thai wife is still PTSD from teen years attending outdoor concert. Friend next to her was killed by stray bullet, was simply an attendee. No one was ever arrested for that, so I suppose this news is a small improvement
  10. Jabs are free in USA... or rather, paid for by taxpayers, so sounds about $60 high
  11. Seems there is a defacto "Don't ask, don't tell" policy here. Lack of financial support makes this inevitable.
  12. This morning (Sunday) took a walk along Jomtien Beach road around 9. Police pickup rolled up soi 7. Cop getting out pulled his mask up over mouth and chin. Good role model (not). They stood around and took a few photos. Walked 20m more: Thai woman (no mask) talking with motorcycle taxis drive (had mask on). She about a meter away. Told her to put mask on, cops just over there. "You not police" she said. "You not intelligent" I replied. Laws don't work if only time citizens comply is when cops around. Move down to where 10 or so "life guards" sitting around together. 4 of them not wea
  13. "You'd be better off doing your own research including taking a peek in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Systems (VARES)." Anyone can post to VARES... no credibility. Someone gets a vaccine later dies... must be the vaccine! Never mind they were run over by a car...
  14. "It will cater to those who have already registered on the Mor Prom app and also those who have not." No mention of us expats who've kept many businesses afloat at least for the past year.... considering the Mor Prom app allowed some of those with pink cards to register, only to be told later "sorry, no cigar, not for you" (unless that has changed once more... who can keep up?). Most of us would fall into the "those who have not" (because can not)... "My head is spinning" Covid symptom? No, just trying to follow government pronouncements...
  15. 50k discount.... made me think hospitals need to start "buy 1 get 1" scheme "Got Covid? Check in XYZ hospital and get free coverage for granny"
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