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  1. My brain screen flashed up that story from past about farang being arrested for having Swiss army knife in his car.... ah, just us
  2. Could be interesting if they compared serial numbers of "lost" M16s with the ones they just "found"
  3. You are ignoring basic rule in Constitution: Congress decides on appropriations for specific uses. NOT the president. You may wish to look back to case that got to SC regarding line item veto (which Congress ok'ed). SC ruled unconstitutional (including Thomas). Here is a link to Constitution. You might want to do a read of that http://constitutionus.com/ "...they spend billions on illegals free hospital/medical, free universities etc plus billions on overseas abortions and make US citizens pay for it." Cite your sources. This is whack.
  4. "Pattaya police are investigating." Justice will be served in no time.. or is it at no time?
  5. "According to the law, the defence secretary has to decide whether the wall is militarily necessary before money from the military construction budget can be used." Laws are for little people, not big shots like Trump He has said he knows more than the generals before (and everyone else about everything else) so why waste time? Just walk in and start writing checks
  6. Abe probably thought "Whatever.... snowballs chance in heck of him getting it anyway." Bigger sashimi to slice
  7. Maybe follow up poll: "Who would you like to lead the next coup?"
  8. Uh, Mr Pence... have you heard about concentration camps China has built for Muslims? It's well documented....
  9. Anyone who dreams about kitchens needs to work on fantasy component of their mind. Another ad pretending to be news
  10. I wonder how he could do playing Canadian football? NFL does resemble plantation system with field hands and overseers. Me, I'll stick with Australian Rules Footy
  11. I imagine the big M is hoping for a presidential pardon for his criminal anti American activities. I wonder what sort of spin the republicans will employ? They used to be the party of "law and order" I recall.
  12. In my experience of Thai culture, it seems making other person "comfortable" rated far ahead of being truthful, so doctors really are up against it. I prefer to be told the truth in all matters, but I am a product of Western culture.
  13. Trying to get on Obama wagon? Barry said he smoked pot back in the day. Heck, I'd look askance at anyone who hadn't smoked pot in Cali back then. What's wrong, no friends? Trump is hardly a good example of how you'll turn out if you don't smoke pot or drink.
  14. Good enough for Idi Amin, good enough for Trump.
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