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  1. Perhaps they did, using a "silent auction" format not open to the general public
  2. "Put your money where you mouth's been!" (so mia noi bends over...) "No, try to remember way back when..."
  3. We all pay taxes here if we buy just about anything. VAT is what, 7%? Some places break out the VAT on receipt, but most just fold it in. I would be happy to pay reasonable price for vaccine. More than happy. But I'd want it to be "the good stuff" and know it hadn't been sitting out on a counter for a few days (no way of knowing if that were the case...)
  4. How about just leaving your phone in hotel room? I suppose they can't imagine anyone who doesn't have phone on them 24/7 to keep up on selfies, likes and all that.
  5. If they'd put half the effort into doing legit business that they do to cutting corners and cheating, this economy would be going gangbusters
  6. Were you hit in the afternoon? I've had more than enough near misses in mornings and afternoons. Usually by idiot motorcycling on sidewalk or going against the legal direction in street. They just put a crosswalk with light up near my place. Amazingly, most traffic stops now, perhaps 80+%. But it only takes one. I go by truism "They're out to kill me as soon as I leave home". Seems to have worked (so far...)
  7. Day late and dollar short. By year end able to produce 5 million doses.... wow. Amazing Thailand. So 15+ years to dose the population. Saying they could ramp up later to 20 mil a year is still pitiful at best. Guess they had to come up with something to justify research costs...
  8. War weapons: what, no bullet proof vests? Remember when that reporter was busted for having one & it was claimed to be a "war weapon"?
  9. If the rich nations (ones that bankrolled the research? production, etc) have leftover vaccine, they'll share it. First things first. You take care of your own family before you take care of family down the street.
  10. Supply is limited. Demand is huge. What sane politician is going to reduce vaccinations that taxpayers paid for in home county in order to give to neighbors? A sure way to get removed from office, I'd think. "Charity begins at home" or "Ya dance with the one whut brung ya"
  11. You can "reshuffle" all you want, but the deck is still marked.
  12. "Hunt continues..." yeah, sure it does....
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