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  1. A smart rat is the first off the sinking ship.... He'll stay, have someone write a book for him, go on talk circuits then get hired as lobbyist. Who said being a swamp creature is a bad life?
  2. I usually drink the sugar free stuff, but once a week I go to my fave Indian restaurant and have a bottle or two of the elixir of life: Coke with real sugar in glass bottle, the way God intended. If I were concerned about my health, I wouldn't live in Thailand.
  3. half a deal, half a deal, half a deal Onward Into the valley of debt rode the Tory dullards
  4. " LGBTQWERTY " I like that, gave me a chuckle I support that whole group towards equality, but am concerned about remembering right letters. Like trying to remember random password to some site
  5. Easy rule: "If she cheats on him, she'll cheat on you" End of discussion Unless you like women who cheat on you
  6. You're right there. Trump should take a serious look at the Constitution. Maybe he should consider halting "chain migration" which is not in Constitution. Set the tone by sending Melania's family back to where they came from
  7. Hmmm your girlfriends "brother" seems to have improved his grooming habits
  8. It's purposeful: way to get a few extra km from tires that have already gone bald on normal tread section. Get a little "side action", as it were.
  9. Are they certain that is not just a photo of Half Dome at Yosemite Park in California? Oops. My bad. First glance thought it was supposed to be a burnt screen... haha
  10. I imagine a line quickly formed outside minister's office. "I'll go, I'll go!". All expense paid trip to "study" late closing, perhaps side study of how that impacts bar girl rates... what could go wrong?
  11. Here's a link to article confirming PM drinking own urine. https://www.freepressjournal.in/cmcm/morarji-desai-the-former-indian-prime-minister-who-practiced-urine-therapy I don't drink my own pee. I have said I'd rather swim in my own toilet bowl than the sea here at Jomtien. At least I know who's done the business I am swimming in....
  12. If they are going to be held as prisoners or slaves, put them to work to help pay the cost of keeping them in the land of the free It was something of a joke line when I was a kid "The South will rise again!" Looks like those values have floated back up in toilet bowl that needs to be drained, aka Trump administration
  13. Enjoyed that series quite a bit. They don't need pods to keep people hooked into a computer generated false world. Just give everyone smart phones and 5G for total disconnect from reality
  14. to her credit at least she didn't say "plastic pollution reduction is in our thoughts and prayers"
  15. "... all that’s needed is for everyone to cooperate in ensuring security and cleanliness." All? Turn to gold? Maybe golden showers....
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