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  1. The 100k deaths probably low, as there has been a rise of 65k deaths beyond numbers last year after covid numbers taken out.
  2. Do the rooms include breakfast? That could help take care of hunger issues (kidding!)
  3. My now (thankfully long gone) ex wondered if I was going to sell her as a sex slave when I took her to Bali. Hadn't crossed my mind. If I'd paid slavers to take her, I would have come out far ahead. Moral: don't let opportunity pass you by
  4. Jesus people, let it go! Comedy is there to push the edge. The blackface was to play a black character, not insult black people. Big difference. Personally I liked John Wayne when he played Genghis Khan
  5. While I don't condone murder, when the "social contract" between citizens and government: "leave justice to the government and hold back on revenge" breaks down, this is to be expected. What will become of the wife now I wonder
  6. I hear pigeon refused to sit on a stool during interrogation. No flipping the bird here!
  7. I assume you mean "football played with feet", not the American thing. Being an American geezer from Pacific NW, "soccer" wasn't on the radar. If we wanted to play in grade school pick up game, we'd have to use a volleyball. Soccer scores weren't in the papers; no attention paid to World Cup. In 1975 NASL formed. I happened to live a couple blocks from stadium (handy). I believe first game I saw was Portland Timbers v San Jose. No idea the score other than we won. Our team was composed of mostly English 1st division players on loan. We came close to winning title couple of times, got to see Pele and Beckenbauer in sunset of their careers. One of the players, Peter Wyth became manager of Thailand decades later.
  8. "..the neighbors realized it wasn't the Blessed Virgin, but her immaculately conceived son Jesus" Did they have photos of originals to do comparison? If you look closely, it is Jesus brother James. People were always mixing up the two. Mary's virgin status was based on mistranslation of "young maid", not "virgin" fwiw So often these "miracles" now and in Bible are on carnival magician level.
  9. The old mind/matter dilemma. If he kept assets in his name, maybe he'd have gone over the balcony or had some other "accident". Try to keep your assets or your mind: choose one, get neither. I don't approve of his actions. He should have paid closer attention to what was below his balcony.
  10. Good question. Did a google search and they didn't want to say and/or had an "I'm over 13" confirm gate. I reckon a pint could do if you drink it, or you could always gas yourself. See WWI for details
  11. I'd accept folks thinking just once Hey, here's an idea: Hire folks to fact check Trumps previous tweets. Advantages: could work from home and would make significant dent in number of unemployed. Be akin to 5th labor of Hercules: Clean the Augean Stables.
  12. "It was discovered that he paid 910 baht for the trip to Phon Phisai district instead of the set fare of 517 baht." If buses are required to run half full, seems they gave him something of a discount as 2 seats would be 1034 baht I suppose they could charge regular fare and take half way there as alternative strategy
  13. I reckon he drove around for a few hours looking for someone to crash into, no luck, so got angry and smashed it into post Desperate times require desperate measures
  14. I can guarantee 100% that if you drink enough chlorine you won't get the virus and if have it already the virus sickness won't get worse
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