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  1. And stay they do. The many free benefits are too strong an attraction. Get the magic bus from eastern europe; drop off at the job centre to register; disappear for three months; then appear on the same bus again to claim. All thanks to Tony Blair and the leftists. They are still flocking to the UK too, with 4.26 million settlement applications up to end October 2020, and their deadline not until end June 2021. How many more will find ways to stay here when they see how successful Brexit is and the EU continues down the gurgler in 2021?
  2. Aren't they just so endearing? I think most of them are pretty much the same too, the stereotypes are all true.
  3. They'll be screwed what ever happens. Not that they deserve any sympathy after the Irish politicians performance in the whole affair. Of course the EU has used them as a pawn but they have also tried to manipulate the situation to their own ends. They should have realised where their bread is buttered and worked to ease the UK transition, while making provisions to support their own industries. How does the Remainers constant bleating about your closest and largest trading partner compare to Ireland and the UK?
  4. Ah, you've picked another one now have you? Well how does that one stack up with the other forecasts of Armageddon? Is it the same result, or another swipe at conjuring up some doom numbers for the Remainers? None of them can forecast anything accurately, whether it be economics, casualties of covid, numbers of migrants, or what election results will be. They are all based on faulty models, spurious constants, selective spin and wild assed guesses. You may as well ask them to predict the lottery results. If they provide succor for the scaredy suckers, you are welcome to blindly follow the
  5. The EU's breakthough hasn't happened for the past year, so is not likely to happen. While ever the Barnier's demands still include the UK's fish; the EU sloping field; ECJ governance; or any of the other points they have not published, nothing is going to breakthrough. The EU's recent idea of being creative seems to be just a recyling of the repeat spin cycle. Roll on No Deal.
  6. EU and Ireland still hoping for a Ferguson Man U style win. Well Boris will be blowing the final whistle before either get that.
  7. Yes, they stick to their waters and we stick to ours. Fairest compromise for everybody all round.
  8. Happy to tell you Saunders has about as much idea about the effects of Brexit as you do Bruntoid- sweet fa. He's just another Remainer mouth piece who got the big job and feels he has to say something. He probably even believes it too, as do you Remainers who lap up every forecast of doom.
  9. Just wishful thinking and a healthy dose of bull from the Irish. Well that's what they have always been famous for anyway. Ursula can now feel the No Deal coming but won't or can't do anything about it while her negotiator is being driven by French interests. They both fully deserve the mire they have created by trying to punish the UK for Brexit. Only just over a month for us to go now and we will be rid of the EU shackles with No Deal.
  10. Can't see any haulier quotes in your posts, but you could have invented some anti-brexit trucking tales I missed. Anybody in the financial industry is not to be believed in anything they say about Brexit. They knew nothing about the Financial Crisis of 2007 or the Tom Yum Gung Crisis of 1997, so generally are just full of their own BS and love a disaster forecast. Pity they can never get them right. If you prefer to take your anti-brexit propaganda and dose of doom & gloom from a paper other than the Sun, feel free to do so. It won't stop Brexit though.
  11. I wish I was as confident as you that the EU are utterly guaranteed to give in. If they don't, no problem - we end the transition on No Deal which is better than a bad deal. Just another BoE governor's scaremongering is worth as little as the last one's, in fact as little as any Remainer's soothsaying. Yup, as biased and your army of financial analists. That must be where they pull their ideas from.Their combined intellectual clout is worth as much as a clout with a wet fish. All predictions from their gloomy crystal globes of doom. Reuters have long been world renowned
  12. There's a lot that you don't get, but never mind. A trade deal might be better all round, but not at any price. No Deal is still better than the bad deal the EU would like us to take. While ever the EU sends Barnier back they are hoping that the UK will give in to their demands. Well that's still not happening is it? The high and mighty EU and their Remainer worshippers have still not woken up to that and their cards are only a pair of ducks.
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