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  1. Brexiteers throughout UK own it (not only England) and are very happy with it so far. It can only get better from now on. We knew over three years ago that we had won, it was you Remainers that wouldn’t accept it, so you need frequent reminders. Eventually even the Remainers will grow accept it. The whole of UK will grow to love it, even Remainers like you. That is of course so long as you are British. If you are some breed of EU national, well you are doomed......
  2. Cakes export? Is that all you can come up with? Please keep explaining it, cos every time you do it gets better to me. Especially the hard Brexit part.
  3. The EU is basically a protectionist racket. The UK has been stifled inside that racket and will prosper thrive & prosper out of it.
  4. So long as the government contracts stay in the UK and keep the good fellows of the UK workforce producing stuff, it's immeasurably better than supporting foreign business.
  5. English company productivity does not even come into the question. An average Polish printer salary is only about 8,800 pounds pa. That's how they undercut the rightful printing company. Nothing level about that playing field, but that's the EU all over.
  6. How much will those passports cost next year when we are out No Deal? Will the procurement managers' false savings be lost in import taxes? Short sighted business, but they could support their EU masters and foreign workers rather than the ones at home.
  7. No, they stole 490 million quids worth of trade by undercutting. They and the Europhiles also endangered 250 jobs in Gateshead, which may still be lost.
  8. You should ask the Europhile politicians and civil servants placing contracts why they prefer spending UK money and taxes in Europe. That’s the way try to spread our love and cash a little too far. They would claim they are trying to save save us money, by using cheaper foreign printers. Of course UK companies have been very capable of producing passports for years, but that’s the way prefer to undercut and employ their plumbers too. They really don’t care about the UK workers and jobs, despite all their wails about ‘rights’ and deceitful forecasts of job losses.
  9. Great. This is what we voted for. Get the EU job grabbers out and UK yoof off the benefits and into jobs. The remaining UK skilled tradesmen will also be put back into it, no longer being undercut by the cheap imports.
  10. No, but Europhiles within successive governments have done. Lying Tony Blair and socialists were only too pleased to nurture generations of a benefit-reliant populace. Closet socialists like Cameron were too. Eastern Europeans replaced those UK worker national resources with imported wage slaves, all in support of their precious EU Freedom of Movement principles. It was win - win for them, two sectors of society who would usually be Labour supporters. And they could rub the real conservatives’ noses in it. The cream on top for the metropolitans came with cheaper and compliant home help, tradesmen, and staff for their businesses. Well that’s all over now.
  11. Yes, we won and the sooner you guys accept that without moaning, the better everybody will be. Brexit isn’t a disaster, in fact it’s starting off rather well. We new what we voted for and it will be coming by the end of this year.
  12. They will when their benefits stop. No need to subsidise indigenous sloth in order to support the great EU plot.
  13. Less than a week and already got the measure of some of the Remainers.
  14. Not so much bad news, as Fake News. Didn't anybody tell The Garuniad and Independent that their Project Fear propaganda didn't work? Or do they continue publishing it for Remainer consumption only? Suppose it keeps their readership figures up if nothing else.
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