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  1. No chips on our shoulders, cos we've eaten them all with gravy and curry sauce. Bring on the next course.
  2. He'll take you too if you asked him - it would be like going up the Khyber for you.
  3. Real enough for all those cheeky cockney chappies who have abandoned their old 'Larndan. I was there a while ago and surprised to see how much of a Shiite hole it has descended into even close to the West End. Are you safely ensconced away from it all in Belgravia, or chattering with other labour voters in one of the gentrified boroughs? You sound like you may have moved to those nice middle class leafy suburbs. The lure of free handouts and benefits is still the mainstay of the gimmigrants wherever they originate from and however they arrive in the UK. Not sure how you've managed to link them to Covid though?
  4. Welcome to the real world. You must come from that there London town. You know, the place where the streets are paved with benefits, handouts and freeloaders. I wish it would disappear and take them all with it.
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