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  1. It only speaks volumes about how in touch I am with the welfare state. Enjoy it when you get back, because you are obviously not enjoying Thailand anymore. The Brexiteer are though!
  2. 555 That’s a Remainer who is scurrying back to UK, not a Brexiteer! You may have described the Remainers accurately though. Remainers are the ones who complain loudest about exchange rates. They didn’t plan properly and now find themselves in Thailand Soi Shit Street. Nothing to do with what’s best for the whole of UK and its citizens.
  3. Well off you go then. How is a Remainer going to reconcile returning back to a Brexited UK with the Remaining UK that they cherished? Not blaming your demob on the UK masses who voted for Brexit, without an ounce of interest in the fortunes of expats in foreign lands who didn’t budget for currency fluctuations? But wishing all manner of ills on other expat Brexiteers in Thailand for actions of the Thai government? Yeah that’s pretty nasty but typical for a Remainer. Obviously not looking forward to a welcome from the UK DHSS yourself? Are you sure this will only be due to Brexit?
  4. Nice to see the Remainers getting behind the new PM. Or should that be beside themselves. No Deal here we come. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  5. Remainers and Europeans (plus a couple of others) are doing all the worrying. Why not you?
  6. We’ve already established that UK govt news is not to be trusted, especially predictions of disaster concerning Brexit. More often than not they are wetting up my back. You don’t believe everything your govt published do you? 555
  7. But the problems are not so big. Just another scaremongering report wants you to think that. The govt doesn’t actually tell you what it is doing to prepare for and prevent the calamity that Remainers look forward to.
  8. No act of god here. It’s all entirely man made, so preventable and avoidable. Of course there will always be the EU and Remainers trying their best to throw spanner’s in the works. Economic subversion and sabotage are not god like acts.
  9. More project Fear from those with vested interests to Remain. Lots of ‘could’ ‘would’ ‘might’ ‘maybe’. It’s up to business and the govt to prepare properly to prevent all the dire predictions. Have they never heard of Risk Management? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  10. Means nothing. Remainers and apologists heads are not in the sand but elsewhere, and I don’t mean up in the clouds.
  11. In high spirits because we can see Brexit on TH horizon. If you prefer doom and gloom try a Remainer.
  12. Not that the UK would sink, but do you really believe that the EU would be still riding high? if your prediction came to pass, the EU would certainly be dragged down with us. 555
  13. Have Barclays forgotten that Parliament has already legislated to Leave and that legislation does not require a deal. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  14. Hammond could be terrified that Jacob Rees Mogg is already lined up for the Chancellor job. About time he moved up from the back benches and he’d probably do a better job of it. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  15. It’s you that does not understand. There has been a functioning border between UK and Ireland for years now. There is no need to change that situation. Not every import is checked, nor does it need to be done at the border. If the EU were to build their own border, do you think Southern Irish Garda would man it for them?
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