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  1. Another Brexit (and/or Covid) benefit. Only another 2.7 million to go. Are you posting from the U.K. and making plans by any chance?
  2. Another U.K. success story where Reuter’s and Remainers try to spin some bad news from Brexit. It must be so miserable viewing the world from the bottom of an already empty Remainer glass.
  3. This is reminiscent of the Remainers predictions of Brexit doom and Leavers saying “All made up.” We told you that we had seen through the massive confidence trick but you all thought you knew better. How wrong you all were and still are. Now a Leaver gives you his assessment of a ‘what if’ scenario, you claim he’s making stuff up. Rank hypocrisy. The only difference is that thousands of pseudo experts and europhiles were making up stuff against Brexit and publishing across the internet and MSM. The more of it, the more Remainers were, and remain, convinced of it. Mass gulli
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