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  1. "The attempt to remove my military rank is improper and politically motivated. The allegations against me do not involve my actions - they concern invalid documents."

    This is so typical of a Thai, (or anyone for that matter) for not taking responsibility for their actions. Loser once for faking the documents. Loser twice for blaming it on the state agency that forged them. Loser!

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  2. I bought some "lite mayonnaise" the other day, expecting it to be sugar free. It was disgustingly sweet and when the GF showed me the 30% sugar content in Thai I was astounded. How can they label something as "lite" with such a sugar content?

    The mayo was given to the neighbours and replaced with Heinz.

    Great story! I have one of my own. I was with my girlfriend in a mall food court, and had just piled up a great veggie salad. She then gently took it from my hands and killed it with a ladle full of sickening sweet mayonnaise from one of those troughs. I was fuming, but in love. Ha! What's a guy to do? I ended up marrying her a year later, and I now keep my hands on the salad at all times!

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  3. Yeah, good luck with all of these improvements.

    I was trying to leave the country and was at passport control a few years back. The officer took my passport and was studying it more than usual. Then he asked me to come around to his side. I did. On his computer screen were 4 photos; three of them were mine from various visits. But the fourth one was of a medium-built, dark-skinned looking fellow. He asked me which one was me. Ha! Funny, considering I'm relatively short and definitely white.

    Is it me or do most of these "improvements" seem just like common sense? Oh wait...don't answer that. I know where we are.wai.gif

  4. I now look forward to reading of tourist being fined for littering, not having their passports and general harassment from the BIB, this should hopefully discourage tourists from visiting the country.

    I was thinking the same thing. This "safety zone" just promotes harassment from the people who are supposed to be stopping the harassers. Amazing Thailand. And I wouldn't post that if I didn't know friends who work in Bangkok who were picked up by police, or people posing as police, along KSR for not having a passport on them. A few thousand baht later, they were let go.

  5. She will never see the freedom again, if she plead guilty, get life imprisonnement, if not, death penalty.

    Really ? Wow thats a hard lesson to learn.

    There's no excuse for these people but I can't help feeling that some of these drug-mules are also victims of the drug trade. IMHO I would have thought a stiff sentence of say 5-10 years would be more than sufficient (personal opinion only mind)

    You'd think the death penalty would be sufficient enough of a deterrent, but it isn't. They don't mess around with this kind of thing in other parts of the world. Look at Singapore. There are several signs in plain view of airport passengers that drug smuggling of any kind will result in the death penalty. But it still happens. IMHO, bring back extrajudicial shootings and be done with them.

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  6. It seems to be every other day these news. A foreigner murdered by a local(which in this case it is not proven, but if it is 'the usual business' , I assume it is the case.)

    Very sad the way thailand is going down the drains,also because they rely so much on tourists and foreigners economically.

    I once wished to go to thailand to live, but after reading this forum, I would never do it. In fact , I would not even go there on holiday, I think.

    It seems like a society gone mentally ill.

    On one hand they do anything to appear white, on the other hand there is a real hatred for foreigners.

    Now, if i was male, I would NEVER marry a thai, because how can you be really sure?

    Don't know what the attitudes towards white females are, but there sure are a lot of attacks on those, too.

    Luckily, Asia is large and there are plenty other countries to choose from. As it is now, Thailand would be at the very bottom of my list. Such a beautiful country, but such ugly mentality. Really sad.

    Once again, after seeing a headline, I've made the mistake of intending to read only the main story on thaivisa, and then gone ahead to read comments. This particular comment (and many others, as per usual) offers only opinion, with nothing to back it up. "Thailand is going down the drain?" "A real hatred for foreigners?" "Such an ugly mentality?" And comments from someone who doesn't live here in Thailand. Is apparently afraid to live here in Thailand.

    There is a website - www.nationmaster.com - that addresses all of these details. Have a look at the page at http://www.nationmas...me-total-crimes. Number one for total crimes? The USA by a landslide (I'd love to see it broken down by state, but no...). Number 2: the UK. Number 3: Germany. Number 4: France. Look at how far down the list Thailand is: Number 20.

    Click on any of the links for more stats on the country in question. The United States, for example. Where we find that the USA is number 1 for murders commited by firearms, number 1 for auto thefts, number 3 for murders committed by youth. Number 13 for rape.

    Click on the UK. Number 2 for assault. Number 2 for auto theft. Number 6 for rape. Number 29 for murders committed by youth, and number 29 for murders committed with firearms.

    Click on Thailand. Number 35 in auto theft. Murders committed by youth? Number 8. Murders committed with firearms? Number 3. Still two points below the USA. For whatever reason, "rape" is not included on the Thailand summary page. But you can find it here: http://www.nationmas...rap-crime-rapes. Thailand is number 78. That's quite, quite far behind the USA, the UK, Germany, Russia, Sweden, The Philippines, and on and on and on.

    Murders per 100,000 people? http://www.nationmas...-100-000-people. The Philippines is number 21. Cambodia, number 27. Mexico is number 43. Thailand number 48. The USA is number 63.

    "Governmental violence" (executions)? http://www.nationmas...rime-executions. Number 1: China. Number 7: the USA. Thailand is tied with six other countries for number 31.

    Whether I get whacked tomorrow or not (same thing could happen elsewhere) - I'm happy here, and will continue to "take my chances."

    As for Vesiva, hey - you should "NEVER marry a thai, because how can you be really sure?" (My Thai wife is one of the most wonderful people I've ever met. I'm quite, quite sure.)

    And/or, maybe you should live in China. Or The Philippines. Or Cambodia. Or the USA. Or the UK. As can be seen at www.nationmaster.com, things are just Oh So Much Better in such places...

    I'll second that! My thai wife is an amazing woman. I am quite sure the love is real. A man knows, believe me.

  7. Now, if i was male, I would NEVER marry a thai, because how can you be really sure?

    Be sure of what?

    I think you give too much credence to Thai Visa. Yes, I would agree that it seems violence is on the rise, and it is sad. But it's a very small minority. Read any newspaper in most countries and you'd see the same kind of tragedies, I'm afraid.

  8. This thread is about TG Cargo's subsidiary losses.

    Not about excess luggage charges.

    Come on guys, there are no passengers on cargo flights ...

    I was picking up my packages from Cargo at Swampy. They had been mailed a day earlier from the UAE. The customs official took me for a ride I care not to relive by detail in this post. But suffice it to say, I paid the corrupt official more than he deserved. This news of their failing is music to my ears.

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