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  1. A neighbor's dog in my village killed some chickens from another neighbor. The owner of the dog paid 500 baht for each dead chicken, I think. Had it been my dog, a "rich falang's" dog, who had killed the chickens, I'm sure the settlement would have been higher. As disgusting an analogy as that sounds, I am afraid it is just Thai justice. We all want what we feel is right, but it's far from the reality. A 17 year old Qatari boy ran down two Egyptians in Doha while speeding in the shoulder on the highway. Same thing. A fine. A slap on the wrist. No justice. Part of us wants that RedBull pretty boy punk to be tossed in jail and the key tossed. It isn't going to happen. And 3 million pay out is a joke.

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  2. Best of luck to you and your family. I've also decided to leave for greener earning pastures to keep my Thai family in the best of care possible. I know it's a tough call. Go home and earn? or Stay and get burned. I hope we see you back here soon.

  3. Very hard to get these guys to enforce the law when you consider they are making hundreds of thousands of Baht to not enforce the law!

    Once one is accustomed to a high income its impossible to come down to a poultry civil servants salary.

    Move him to another province and he will find a way to boost his income.

    Once the rot starts it is hard to prevent, he could go into politics of course, where the takings are even higher.

    I think you mean 'paltry' but poultry is quite funny. The do make chicken feed which fuels the need to be corrupt.

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