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  1. What is a good substrate for producing Oyster mushrooms.

    I read a lot on the internet, but much difference.

    What is good, what is bad ?

    Why you put Gypsum, pumice, magnesium, sucre etc, etc. What is the goal for it.

    What does a mushroom need to grow well?

  2. 6 hours ago, backtofront said:

    I would concentrate on the growing and selling of what you produce first. Get onto bagging the little bilghters later.  


    I started off using bamboo racks and all went well to start with. Flies and bugs however, became a problem and I am still thinking about the slings I want to use to replace those bamboo racks.

    The stage off growing and selling are over. At this time we have more than 5000 bags and because the production cost is lower when we do it our self, we want to start with the filling by our self. Also you know than for sure the quality you have.


  3. I'm new here and started with growing mushrooms in bags what I by in a farm in the neighbor here.

    I want to start to produce the bags by myself, but why the bags must steam for 6 to 8 hours what they tell me here.

    All information is welcome.



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