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  1. You get to leave the EU, which is what you voted for - that's if it's passed by parliament.
  2. I used to work with UK money market dealers - as a compliance auditor. The 'grapevine contacts' was as active then as probably it is today - but today's market is one of getting your oar in quickest using the latest technology, also. I would suggest that the HoC is a fountain of knowledge as to how situations are resolved and the likelihood of that happening well before the media gets their greasy paws on it. Bit like a poll, really. I would say, right now, that johnson has an outside chance of gaining approval of his deal - if he doesn't, expect an early GE, cos now the deal is in place, he ain't going to accept a second referendum.
  3. Why is there so much negativity on this forum? A British trait, I suspect. Sitting on bar stools bemoaning about anything that is flavour of the month. If and when johnson succeeds, people will forget everything and move on to other topics in a few days. Hopefully, climate change.
  4. That's for the UK government to resolve, not the people who are probably fed up to their bottom teeth with brexit.
  5. Oh no, not another 17.4 million... IMO, any freaking deal is better than no deal which would impact practically everyone.
  6. The realism is that it could never happen. Too much water has passed under the bridge to even hope for that.
  7. We'll see, won't we. You can bet your bottom dollar that the rise in the pound was not solely to do with expectation or speculation, but insider knowledge had a hand in it.
  8. Only fools and horses would want to see it. Just accept it and move on. Why? because it's a compromise which is about as it's good as it's going to get even if brexit was prolonged for eternity. Forget ideology and stick to real life challenges - the ones that affect most of the population..
  9. Because he's a male might be a consideration, also. While the UK is supposed to be PC in regard to the sexes, I doubt parliament's old boys network abide by that. More so, because May tried to emulate Thatcher - which probably led to her demise.
  10. Don't we all think, enough's enough? As the people have already demonstrated, they know sod all about what's best for Britain - and whatever their faults it's our sovereign parliament who are elected to decide that, not the population. Providing Labour MPs are granted a 'free' vote, IMO, the deal would pass through.
  11. The difference between johnson and May is that he can sell it, May couldn't.
  12. To be expected. About time people recognise that a compromise is necessary to bring this situation to a finality. johnson has delivered on the referendum vote. So be it, and move on.
  13. Read the blurb, and it seems perfectly suitable for both the UK and EU. Enough to pass parliament? Wait and see. BTW, I respect Barniers agreement to this deal, because he's probably the only voice who knows what is critically resolved on both sides.
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