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  1. 800K two months before and 3 months after = 5 months. The point of it is to (maybe) identify those who pay agents for the loan and at a cost. I understand that borrrowing money is not a crime, but the interest cost of holding it a further 3 months (=c.10k extra at c.5%) will adversely affect some who do not have the necessary funds. But that does seem unfair and heavy-handed. From the article, you could still use the combination method, if that's a better option and probably that flexibility will become the most favoured. For example, 400k stuck in a Thai bank account for one year, earning interest of 8k, plus income of 33k per month sent to a Thai bank account.
  2. Holding another referendum won't resolve the mess May has created, and it seems clear to me that the best deal she could have achieved would be to remain in the Single market and Customs Union. IMO, May will stall until parliament votes to prevent a 'no deal' scenario, and to request an extension to the withdrawal date so that some sanity is restored. However, if that did occur, I'm unclear how a time extension would resolve anything, particularly if May refuses to budge on her red-lines' position.
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