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  1. No I didn't. But many unemployed in middleborough considered that by voting leave would be bettervthan it was then. Blame the UK government.
  2. Clearly, this debate has proved that the UK is divided on Brexit. I really gave no issues on one way or the other, apart from below, but May's deal is worse than staying in the EU. How anyone could not accept that is beyond me. I would ask, for the ultimate time, why leaving the EU would benefit Britain? Here's a clue. Apart from having trade deals with EU countries the UK, by being in the EU has bi-lateral deals with 41 other countries outside the EU. So you want chlorinated chicken from the USA? Whose health standards are far below the UK. This is the potential outcome of a no-deal Brexit. Realism is hard to take but it's the actuality.
  3. Yeah, right. Better than we have now. As the main reason for voting leave was that it must be better than we have now as Tory austerity bit. The government is to blame not the EU.
  4. Troll with an attitude problem that indicates he's of a older generation
  5. Actually, the poster is correct in that while the ERG MPs want a no-deal, the 4 Welsh MPs only want that option if and when negotiations continue. It's a tactic. I would agree that, for whatever reason, there could be more MPs who would want a no-deal if that benefits them politically or financially as you have selflishly demonstrated. Such is human nature, and not for the benefit of the UK populous.
  6. There are FOUR Welsh MPs who want to keep the 'no deal' option open while there is an outside chance that negotiations could be continued - if that is possible. Seems either your opinion or facts are...worthless.
  7. Parliament has “remained sovereign throughout our membership to the EU” despite people “not always feeling like that”, the Brexit White Paper says.
  8. Oh my Buddha. The poorest are the immigrants, in the main, and they sure don't all come from the EU. Try Pakistan and India who have flooded the country and taken over jobs that won't be touched by out of work Brits who prefer living off benefits. And that has come about by the austerity policies of the UK government, and their latest round of immigration restrictions that will cause the NHS to collapse for shortage of staff who have left the UK to return to the EU.
  9. Well it's Blue and Gold, like before the Burgundy one. He can get them in the UK from October 2019, providing they don't get held up for weeks in the 200 mile log jam at Calais/Dover.
  10. I am also a British citizen and hold a British passport. I've read probably most of the voluminous posts and no leaver has spelt out exactly how they would personally benefit - neither have you. iI you post on these threads you can be assured that posters will respond to you. That you like my tone or not is neither here nor there. Being out of the EU won't benefit me, because the Pound will be devalued.
  11. A Big Blue passport that would be made in France by a French/Dutch company - if the UK leaves the EU.
  12. I suggest that if there is a referendum, voting to leave would be on the back of May's deal only.
  13. It seems like, therefore, you cannot understand my POV. Read my post again. To make it easy for you, what PERSONAL benefits will YOU get out of the UK leaving the EU? As I said before, trade deals with the Falklands doesn't rock my boat.
  14. Taking 'no deal' off the table removes the catastrophic effect of an economic disaster that very few MPs would relish or support. Remaining in the EU under our current terms is the best deal that the UK could expect - far better than any other leaving deal that parliament could muster. I have not read any posts that support leaving the EU, in whatever shape or form, that details the personal benefits of leaving. That the UK can make trade deals with the Falklands doesn't exactly rock my boat, neither does it help me in any way.
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