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  1. It's just insane to me. I can understand quarantine, although the price could be better, but to charge foreigners to put towards attracting tourists is beyond madness. Charge the very tourists you're trying to attract. To me that's just alienating them. What do I know though hey? 555. £1000 worth of quarantine gets me a long way towards another holiday.
  2. Uuumm, don't think you get it. What about if they charged you 300 baht for everyday you stayed in Thailand, would that be acceptable? There has to be a point where we have to say enough is enough. The problem with the UK is that we've lost our backbone. We just roll over and accept everything. If people didn't go then they wouldn't charge it. Oh, and by the way, I retired at 41.
  3. Exactly. I was waiting for my 2 jabs then I was going to endure the quarantine. The 300 baht tipped me over the edge. Costa Rica it's going to be then. Probably done me a favour!!!
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