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  1. Seems like the guy making these FTF certs in Thailand may be a bit of a scam after all. Lots of Thais now posting negative things about him after recommending him previously! I am making other arrangements for my wife now,
  2. From my tgia policy re cancellation :- 7. Refund of Insurance Premium The Company will refund the Insured Personthe insurance premium that has been paidby the Insured Person after deductingthe actual international fund transfer fees and difference of currency exchange rate upon the occurrence of any of following cases: 7.1 The Insured Personhas not been granted a visa and/or certificate of entry; 7.2 The Insured Personchanges the date of departure and/or arrival. In the case of 7.1 and 7.2, the Insured Person must inform the Company of such event before the date of departure that t
  3. I got my policy via tgia a couple of days ago and it starts on the day I arrive and nothing about any waiting period.
  4. Not sure where you get that 3 tests are required unless you are counting the ones done in quarantine and those would be after getting the insurance. Only 1 test required before departure and, again, that would be after getting the insurance.
  5. You will need your covid insurance certificate at the first stage. ASQ and flight details at the second stage.
  6. I am going to Thailand with my Thai wife. She already has her COE and we have booked on Thai Airways. It seems from everything that we have read and heard that she (being a Thai National) does not need a negative covid test but only a Fit To Fly Certificate issued within 72 hours before the flight. Seems it's quite difficult to get a Fit To Fly Cert here in the UK without also having a covid test. So it seems that many Thais are using the services of a guy in Thailand who goes by the name Bank Saksit Banham. Seems he is not a doctor himself but will for about £40 arrange a Fit To Fly Cert sign
  7. Excellent point howerede. In all the pallaver I forgot that I had to do this. Done it now. Many thanks!
  8. Hi Howerde, thanks. Yes I managed to get a PDF file from them and it is pretty much as you said. Just got to get the COE now. Cheers.
  9. I'm trying to get my head around the minimum US$100k Covid-19 insurance required for a Certificate Of Entry (COE) into Thailand. I understand that it has to be for the length of the visa. So for a 90 day non-O visa (based on marriage to a Thai) then the insurance is only needed for 90 days. I presume that the 100k must be for medical expenses and not just repatriation expenses. Is there a list of approved insurance companies that must be used or can I just go online and get insurance from any company? I am over 65 and currently live in the UK. It
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